Top 10 Reasons to Join EMBS

1. Be Part of a Professional Organization for Biomedical Engineers

It is important for students to be a part of a professional organization. Learn more about IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

Firstly, it is one way to keep up with the rapid changes in biomedical engineering. EMBS publications can help keep you up to date with the latest advances and challenges in this dynamic field.

Secondly, membership in a professional organization can put you in touch with other people having similar interests, both students and world-renowned researchers alike. EMBS hosts a number of conferences and summer schools each year. In addition, EMBS chapters worldwide often host local activities.

Thirdly, membership in a professional organization can help keep you informed about job opportunities in biomedical engineering. Employers often advertise positions through societies such as EMBS.

2. Get Access to Student Clubs and Chapters

You can start an EMBS club at your school with only one EMBS member! Your club will receive many resources in biomedical engineering and will be eligible to receive EMBS funding to support your events. Please visit the EMBS Clubs and Chapters website for more information.

3. Enjoy the IEEE Pulse … formerly the EMB Magazine

EMBS members receive six issues of the IEEE Pulse, formerly known as the EMB Magazine until July 2010, each year. This award-winning publication covers a range of topics in biomedical engineering, from the History of Biomedical Engineering to more contemporary topics. Check out the IEEE Pulse website.

4. Learn about the EMBS Student Paper Competitions

Student paper competitions are frequently held as part of EMBS conferences. The competitions give EMBS student members a great opportunity to present their work before an international audience, and also to win awards. Check out the details of the EMBS Local Paper Competition.

5. Participate in Student Events at EMBS-sponsored Conferences

EMBS hosts a number of conferences each year, including its annual meeting which covers a broad spectrum of topics, as well as special topic conferences on subjects such as neural engineering and information technology. EMBS student members receive discounted registration and are invited to attend student events.

6. Receive Access to EMBS Publications Online

EMBS student members receive full online access to EMBS publications through IEEExplore. Publications include IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, and the newly created IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience and IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering.

7. Learn about the EMBS Summer Schools

EMBS hosts four summer schools, providing a wonderful opportunity to learn about topics in biomedical engineering from world experts. Each summer school lasts for one week, bringing together undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and attendees from industry and academia.

8. e-Network via the NEW Young Members Blog

Have you thought about starting up a network of biomedical engineering students at nearby universities? Or maybe starting an online journal for students? EMBS student members are eligible to apply for funding to support such projects. Follow this link and log into the EMBS Young Members Blog.

9. Benefit from the Distinguished Lecturer Program

Through the Distinguished Lecturers Program, EMB student clubs can invite a world-renowned speaker to give a talk at their own university, with financial support from EMBS. EMBS Distinguished Lecturers are all recognized experts in their fields and known to be wonderful presenters.

10. Today’s Trainees Are the Future of Biomedical Engineering

As a student member of the EMBS, your ideas and opinions are important in shaping the society and the future direction of biomedical engineering. The EMBS student representative on the society’s Administrative Committee (AdCom) relies on your feedback to ensure that EMBS continues to meet the needs of its membership.