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Event Database

Welcome to the database of events planned by your peers at other student clubs and chapters. Browse the database of events planned by other clubs and chapters to get ideas, learn about how to overcome obstacles, and how to plan successful events! Submit a description of an event using the Student Club/Chapter Event Submission Form.

Event Database (PDF Format)

– Annual Egg Drop (Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University EMBS Student Club)
– Company Tours (North Dakota State University EMBS Student Club)
– Workshop on Microscopy and Medical Imaging Processing (Johannes Kepler University EMBS Student Club)
– Graduate Research Symposium (University of Southern California)
– Lunch with a Guest Lecturer (University of Manitoba)
– Careers in Biomedical Engineering: Winnipeg Opportunities (University of Manitoba)
– Club Magazine for Biomedical Engineering Students (Shanghai University)
– Healthcare Research for Local People (Shanghai University)