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Clubs and Chapters Establishment and Renewal

How to Form and Renew an EMBS Student Club

To form an EMB student club, you need just ONE (1) EMBS member, who can be either a student or the faculty advisor. The Petition for the Establishment/Renewal of an EMBS Student Club must then be completed and submitted electronically.  The faculty advisor must send an email, separately, to confirm his or her role as advisor for approval.  Once approved, the club’s status will be valid for one year.

Each year, we will ask all IEEE EMB Student Clubs must renew their status by November 1st.  This can be done by anytime between September and November by completing and submitting the Petition for the Establishment/Renewal of an EMBS Student Club.

Note for all Club Renewal Petitions: To renew your EMBS Student Club, you must provide a list of your club membership, including all members’ names, member numbers and email addresses. Please compile this list and send it via email to the EMBS Executive office when you submit your online petition for club renewal.

How to Form an EMBS Student Branch Chapter

How to Form

To form an EMB student branch chapter, you will need at least SIX (6) IEEE student members who are also EMBS members.

Currently, petitions to establish new student chapters can be submitted online. Click on “access petition form”. Then, follow the steps until you submit the petition form.

The same guidelines for establishing an IEEE Student Branch of a technical society as well as the required petition form are available in two formats below:

-Student Branch Formation PDF (PDF, 143KB)
-Student Branch Formation Word Document (DOC, 144KB)

You can read more on about establishing a chapter on the IEEE site.

Steps for Student Branch Chapter reporting

To maintain your status as a student chapter, you have to comply with the IEEE requirements of reporting on activities each year, your plan for activities and new officers after elections. The necessary forms to submit can be found here.

Don’t forget to keep your list of officers up to date with the IEEE and with your student representative. Download this form and send to the IEEE (information on the form) and cc the Student Representative.

Student Member Recruiting

To help recruit and retain IEEE student members, membership development materials are sent to every IEEE Student Branch Chapter in August each year. More materials can be ordered if needed. When more materials are needed, use the online supplies form or contact the EMBS Executive Office.

Creating a Webpage

Don’t forget to create a webpage for your club or chapter – it’s a great way to advertise and promote your group. See Creating a Webpage for Your Club or Chapter for more information.

Showcasing your Club or Chapter on Social Media

We are looking forward to watching the great things you are doing and will do in your chapter/club through social media! Decide on the hashtag for your chapter/club and be sure to ask everyone in your chapter/club to use it!

Pick a hashtag that will be easy for others in your city or university to find such as #EMBS<city> or EMBS<universityname>. Let us know your hashtag by emailing us at

Please be sure to use the hashtag #EMBSFamily in your chapter/club related posts so that we can include it in our #EMBSFamily feeds automatically to help spread the word!

Watch what other chapters/clubs are doing by searching for #EMBSFamily”

Writing a Constitution

You are required to write a constitution to form a student chapter, and it’s a good idea anyway for all clubs and chapters. Your constitution is where you outline the mission of your club/chapter, the organizational structure, your policies on voting and leadership changes and anything else that you think is important to guide your group to its goals. Wondering where to start? Use one of these templates:

• The University of Washington Student Activities Office offers a template for a constitution here.
Sacramento State’s website on developing a constitution, including a PDF example.

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