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Funding for EMBS Clubs and Chapters

Club/Chapter Activity Funding Program

Club/Chapter activity funding is a convenient resource for local clubs/chapters to fund local activities. It is available to EMBS Chapters, Student Branch Chapters, and Student Clubs. Specifically, your club/chapter may wish to apply for funding for events such as guest speakers, career fairs or industry tours.

EMBS provides up to $500 for clubs and $1000 for chapters, however, this is matching funding. Your club or chapter must raise “seed” money, and EMBS provides additional support using a 2:1 matching ratio. For example, if your club raises $100, then you may apply for up to $200 from EMBS. Funds are on an as-available basis, so please get your proposals in early! (Please remember to keep all receipts as you cannot be reimbursed without them.) Proposals should be submitted to the EMBS Executive Office (see below for how to submit a proposal) six weeks prior to the event.

To request funds, student groups must submit your funding request online with the typed proposal that includes:

  • description of the activity for which you require funding,
  • a statement of objectives (e.g. for a seminar, your objectives might be to provide an opportunity for student members to learn about a particular topic, and to recruit new EMBS members),
  • a plan briefly outlining the steps required to successfully organize the event, and
  • a detailed budget, with support documents indicating the amount of money raised from other sources.

Guidelines detailing the program (step-by-step application procedure, specific requirements) are available HERE.

If your funding from EMBS is approved, you need to submit the Chapter Claim Form after the activity is finished. All expense receipts must be submitted for reimbursement. You will also be asked to write a report about the funded activity for the IEEE Pulse, formerly the EMB Magazine.

Distinguished Lecturer Program

The Distinguished Lecturer Program is an additional source of funding for EMBS Student Clubs and Chapters. It provides clubs and chapters with the chance to bring in a top notch expert in biomedical engineering to their school. For more information, see Distinguished Lecturer Program.

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