STUDENTS presents

Student Activities Committee (SAC)

Nicole Caballero

AdCom Student Representative

Agnieszka Łach

SAC Co-chair
Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Agnieszka (she/her) is currently an M.Sc student at the Department of Biosensors and Biomedical Signals Processing, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Silesian University of Technology, Department of Computer Science and Medical Equipment in 2019. Her bachelor’s thesis was conducted in collaboration with Razansky Lab, TU München, Germany and ETH Zurich. Switzerland on the topic of ‘Computer-aided visualization system for optoacoustic vascular tomography images’. In 2018 she took part in the International Summer School on Biocomplexity, Biodesign, Bioinnovation, Biomanufacturing and Bioenterpreneurship on Crete, Greece, and in 2019 she was awarded a scholarship to attend EXCITE Summer School on Biomedical Imaging at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. She is a member of EMBS SAC team and responsible for establishing a global network of EMBS students. Her research interest lies in the area of medical imaging and computer vision, as well as machine learning and deep learning.

John Alejandro Hernández Mora

SAC Co-chair
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

John (he/him) is a final year undergraduate student in Mechatronics Engineering at the National University of Colombia (UN). He participated in the development of the prototype of an Automatic Immersion Coating System for the macromolecules laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences. He is a young researcher associated with the “telecare” project with the Ministry of Sciences and the Extension Division of the University. As a member of the IEEE EMBS Student Chapter of UN, he was the co-director of the EMB Training School and later served as Chair of the student chapter. He is currently part of EMBS SAC, where he is planning to set up a mentoring program and a student network at the global level. He loves spending time with his family, traveling, and hanging out with his boyfriend. He also enjoys playing chess, table tennis, hockey, and underwater rugby.

Nyi Nyi Tun

IEEE EMBS Student Mentoring Program Lead
Kyushu University, Japan

Nyi Nyi Tun received a bachelor’s of Mechatronic Engineering from the Department of Mechatronics, Technological University, Mandalay, Myanmar, in 2013. He was one of the research candidates for the JICA EEHE projects’ fund for the year 2015. He achieved a master’s of Mechatronic Engineering from Mandalay Technological University, MTU, Myanmar, in 2016. He was also a Marubeni-Myanmar scholarship candidate in 2016. Among several scholarships, he was selected as a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University with JICA Innovative Asia scholarship program. He joined the Neuroinformatics and Neuroimaging laboratory, Kyushu University in 2017. With his experiences in student volunteer organizations, he is motivated to actively participate as an ambassador in the IEEE EMBS student mentoring program. He enjoys contributing towards society. He is looking forward to working together with students and professionals in this field from all over the world.

Claudia Montufar

IEEE EMBS SAC Public Relations Lead
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru

Claudia (she/her) is a fourth year student in Biomedical Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. She has been a part of IEEE since 2018. She served as the Secretary of the EMBS PUCP student chapter in 2019, and Vice President of the IEEE UPCH student branch in 2020. She is currently an auxiliary member of IEEE EMBS Peru Chapter in the social network and communication channel areas. She enjoys facing new challenges and thus acquiring new skills that will help in professional and personal development. She enjoys teamwork and learning from her team.

Kadir Bahajjaj

IEEE EMBS SAC Leadership Network Lead
Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore

Kadir (he/him) is in his penultimate year as an undergraduate at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) studying electrical and electronics engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is especially keen in micro/nanotechnology, and health, with a passion for how the former may be applied to the latter through translational research in biomedical engineering. He has broad interests in a myriad of subjects and isn’t one to shy away from the unknown and novel, being very proactive in undertaking new experiences and opportunities. Kadir enjoys being acquainted and working with people on meaningful projects, aiding and empowering his team to strive towards a shared objective. He hopes to be a product designer, working with various technical teams towards a shared collective. In his spare time, he enjoys running, reading, and spending quality time with close friends.

Bryan Aleman

IEEE EMBS International Student Conference Program
Chihuahua Autonomous University, Mexico

Bryan is a senior in the BSc in Biomedical Engineering at Chihuahua Autonomous University, as well as a sophomore in the BSc in Mathematics offered at the Open and at Distance University of Mexico. He has coordinated different symposia, workshops and contests. He was the University Representative for the Mexican Society of Biomedical Engineering in 2019 and the Chair of the UACH-SOMIB Student Chapter. He has volunteered for 8 years at the Mexican Youth Red Cross. In 2020, he volunteered to work as the educational authority of a rural multigrade pre-scholar in La Noria, Chihuahua. He is working on his bachelor’s thesis in the Simulation Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, addressing epistemological aspects of biology in the light of complexity. He hopes to contribute his expertise to enhance professional development of biomedical engineer students around the world.