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Clubs and Chapters

Forming a chapter or club is easy and rewarding. This page will guide you through the process, and give you ideas and information about funding.

Form EMBS Club or Chapter?

EMBS supports two types of student groups:

  1. EMB Student Clubs – the less formal of the two, and require only one member (student or faculty advisor) to be an EMBS member.
  2. EMB Student Branch Chapters – technical subunits of an IEEE student branch, and as such, are generally associated with an IEEE student branch. You will need at least six IEEE student members who are also EMBS members.

For more information, see Establishment and Renewal of EMBS student chapter/club.

Benefits of Student Clubs and Chapters

  • Participation in the Distinguished Lecturers ProgramThrough the Distinguished Lecturers Program, EMB student clubs can invite a world-renowned speaker to give a talk at their own university, with financial support from EMBS. EMBS Distinguished Lecturers are all recognized experts in their fields and known to be wonderful presenters.
  • Funding for Activities: EMB student clubs and chapters are eligible to apply for funding for special activities. For student clubs, EMBS will provide up to US$500 in matching funds per year for approved activities, using a 2:1 matching ratio. For student chapters, EMBS will provide up to US$1000 in matching funds per year for approved activities, using a 2:1 matching ratio. When looking for matching funds check with your local IEEE Section, IEEE Region and your University and local industry in your area.
  • Participate in EMBS Local Paper Competitions: In order to encourage students to participate in our various conferences, the EMBS is providing support for local paper competitions. Support to local chapters, branch chapters or clubs is in the form of matching funds with potential support for local paper competition winners to attend the annual EMBC.
  • Participate in Outstanding Performance Award: The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society offers awards for EMBS student clubs and chapters demonstrating outstanding performance in promoting interest and involvement in biomedical engineering.
  • Start new activities under the name of IEEE EMBS. Here are some great ideas for student activities. Browse the Event Database for some activities that have been done before.

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