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Guest Lecturers

  • The Southwestern Medical Center IEEE EMBS Student Club has invited Dr. Jospeh Bronzino to give a talk on “Ethical Issue Associated with Medical Technology.” Dr. Bronzino is an EMBS Distinguished Lecturer. The students are using the Distinguished Lecturer Program to subsidize travel expenses.
  • The University of Washington IEEE EMBS Student Club invited Dr. Sandy Spelman, Professor Emeritus, to give a talk entitled “What is strial presbycusis? Who gets it? What can be done about it?” Funds from the Distinguished Lecturer Program were used to cater the event and the club and joint BMES chapter were able to advertise for future events.


  • Industry tours: The Center for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto has toured Eli Lilly Canada, a global pharmaceutical company that produces insulin products and Prozac.
  • Hospital tours: QUBE has organized tours of the Clinical Mechanics Research Group and the Hospital Clinical Engineering Laboratory at their on-campus medical center. This tour explored both on-going research projects and hands-on applications of biomedical engineering in the hospital.

Seminar Series

  • Many clubs organize speaker series. You may wish to invite people from local industry or even professors at your university to talk about their biomedical research. Your club may be interested in inviting a speaker from a medical school to talk about preparing for the MCAT or a medical student who has an engineering background to talk about their experiences.
  • Get your fellow students to present their research to their peers over breakfast or lunch – a great way to get to know each other better and share ideas!

Online Journal

  • The EMBS club at the University of New Brunswick is working on developing an online journal of biomedical engineering concepts.
  • Provide a forum for undergraduate or graduate research.

Use Your Local IEEE Network

  • Organize a technical session with your local IEEE members. You may be able to find grant funding is available for this type of event through the IEEE Technical Symposia Grants. The purpose of the program is to encourage IEEE geographic units to provide an opportunity for members to participate in more intensive technical presentations than is possible in a typical meeting, but short of a full-scale conference.

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