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Creating a Webpage for Your Club or Chapter

Don’t forget to create a webpage for your club or chapter – it’s a great way to advertise and promote your group.

1. Find a place to host your website

The first thing you need to do is find a place to put up your website. This is the server where you can save your files so that they will be displayed on the web.

Student branches interested in creating and hosting a Web site can use IEEE Entity Web Hosting services. Alternatively, your university will likely have some sort of web hosting available for students, this is probably the best (and cheapest) option. Finally, there are many private web hosting options available: some of these are free (,Yahoo! Geocities or Lycos Tripod).

2. Design your website

You have a place to put your website – now you get to do the fun part: create it. Get the creative juices flowing and design something that reflects the character of your EMBS club or chapter. Some core elements of your webpage should include: 1) the mission of your club/chapter; 2) the leaders of your club/chapter and how to contact them; 3) events that your club/chapter has planned (previous ones as well as future ones); 4) links to supporting organizations, such as the IEEEEMBS and your university. Pictures are a great way to make your website more interesting – and show people how much fun it is to be a part of your club/chapter. Check out the websites of some other EMBS clubs and chapters for ideas on the left-hand side navigation menu.

3. Update your website

The work is not done when you post your website for the first time. Remember to keep your website updated with new information regularly to keep people coming back. A website is a great way to advertise for new events that you are hosting and post pictures of recent gatherings. Have fun!

 4. Create a photo album

Putting many images up can be a bit tricky – but luckily there are plenty of free programs that you can download to help you create an easy and pretty photo album. Some of these are:, a convenient list of album software.