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Drug Overdose Deaths Decline, but Remain Historically High
The good news: Data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that drug overdose deaths have dropped for the first time since 1990. Between the 12-month period ending December 2017 and the 12-month period ending... Read more

Feature, January/February 2020
The Fight Against Cancer: Are We Winning or Losing?
When it comes to cancer, there’s good news and there’s bad news. While the combination of new screening tests and therapies are making headway, some types of cancer are becoming more common, especially in certain age groups. So how well... Read more
Feature, January/February 2020
The Path to and Impact of Disease Recognition with AI
The process of rare disease identification by clinical geneticists is closely associated with the ability to correlate the phenotype of a patient with the relevant genetic syndromes. In order to perform this correlation, the phenotype has to be described in... Read more
Feature, January/February 2020
Treating Postpartum Depression: Beyond the Baby Blues
Amanda Bumgarner knows about babies. As a pediatric nurse in Richmond, VA, she’s spent her working life consoling sleep-deprived parents, administering shots to screaming infants, and tenderly attending to the needs of fragile premature babies, often in the most heartbreaking... Read more

Journal Updates

IEEE Transactions on

Biomedical Engineering

APRIL 2020
The IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Volume 67, Issue 4 has been published.
Wireless Hyperthermia Stent System for Restenosis Treatment and Testing with Swine Model
This work presents a wirelessly powered stent system developed towards endohyperthermia treatment of in-stent restenosis, renarrowing of stented artery. The gold-coated stainless-steel stent is designed to form a radiofrequency resonator with an integrated capacitor microchip. Upon deployment, the stent serves... Read more
Toward Safe Retinal Microsurgery: Development and Evaluation of an RNN-based Active Interventional Control Framework
An active interventional control framework (AICF) has been presented to increase operation safety by actively intervening the operation to avoid exertion of excessive forces to the sclera in retinal surgery. AICF consists of the steady-hand eye robot as the robotic... Read more