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November 2020
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From Face-to-Face to FaceTime
In a Jetsons episode from 60 years ago, Elroy, the youngest Jetson, tries to get out of taking a space calculus test at school by telling his mom he’s sick. “I think I have Venus Virus,” he says. His mom doubts him, but summons a doctor anyway... Read more

Tracking Sleep to Optimize Health
With the advent of wearable biometrictechnology like smart watches, “hacking” our bodies’ functions and cycles has become a tool in the never-ending quest for better health. And sleep is no exception. For example, a staggering one-third of Americans don’t get enough sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)... Read more
Rural Health Care for Coronavirus Requires Collaboration, Creativity
Before the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) started sweeping across the United States, it began on the coasts. The first known case was reported in a county just outside of Seattle, WA, with other cases quickly cropping up in California and in the greater New York City region... Read more
In a Pandemic, Technology Has Its Limits
If there’s one thing made abundantly clear as the pandemic rages on, it’s this: Technology alone can’t save us... Read more
IoMT (Internet of Medical Things): Reducing Cost While Improving Patient Care
Citizens’ dissatisfaction with the scope of the United States health care system has been a hot topic for many years. In a country where patient to nurse ratios remain 6:1, even universal health care coverage cannot guarantee adequate patient care... Read more
New, At-Home Antibody Test For Detecting, Tracking COVID-19
The test will be part of a large U.S. study to understand prevalence, post-infection immunity and potential lingering health impacts. An at-home test for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) could be released commercially as early as August, according to Scanwell Health of... Read more

Journal Updates

IEEE Transactions on

Biomedical Engineering

TBME, Volume 67, Issue 11, November 2020
Tissue Structure Updating for In Situ Augmented Reality Navigation using Calibrated Ultrasound and Two-level Surface Warping
In minimally invasive surgery, in situ augmented reality (AR) navigation systems are usually implemented using a glasses-free 3D display to represent the preoperative tissue structure. However, due to changes in intraoperative tissue, the preoperative tissue structure is not able to exactly correspond to reality. To solve this problem, we propose a method to update the tissue structure for in situ AR navigation in such way to reflect changes in intraoperative tissue. Experiments confirm that the novel AR navigation system based on updating the tissue structure will open up a better approach to provide accurate 3D see-through guidance... Read more
Bio-Inspired Breastfeeding Simulator (BIBS): A Tool for Studying the Infant Feeding Mechanism
An experimental apparatus is developed for a better understanding of breastfeeding anomalies. This bio-inspired breastfeeding simulator (BIBS) mimics the infant’s complex suckling actions, including motions of the palate, tongue, and jaw, as well as sucking and vacuum pressure applied by the infant. BIBS includes a model of human breast, with a liquid mimicking the flow properties of milk, allowing external observations of flow. The design and construction of BIBS follows CT scanned images of the infants' oral cavities and clinical measurements and observations. This novel apparatus is the first to successfully mimic the compression and vacuum pressures exerted by infants... Read more
IEEE Journal of

Biomedical And Health Informatics

The IEEE Journal of Biomedical And Health Informatics Volume 24 has been published.
Automatic and Explainable Labeling of Medical Event Logs with Autoencoding
Process mining is a suitable method for knowledge extraction from patient pathways. Structured in event logs, medical events are complex, often described using various medical codes. An efficient labeling of these events before applying process mining analysis is challenging. This... Read more
Special Issue on AI-driven Informatics, Sensing, Imaging and Big Data Analytics for Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic
In this issue, vol. 24, issue 11, November 2020, 15 papers are published related to the Special Issue on AI-driven Informatics, Sensing, Imaging and Big Data Analytics for Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please click here to view them, with links... Read more