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EMBS Day – Fireside Chat with EMBS President Metin Akay

March 5, 2021

IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum – Data Science and Engineering in Healthcare

February 10-13, 2021

IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum – Covid-19 Healthcare, Screening, Tracing and Treatment

November 12-15, 2020

Day 1 – Grand Challenges in COVID-19 Healthcare
Day 2 – Grand Challenges in COVID-19 Screening
Day 3 – Grand Challenges in COVID-19 Tracing
Day 4 – Grand Challenges in COVID-19 Treatment
Brain, Mind, and Body: Cognitive Neuroengineering for Health and Wellness – An IEEE EMBS Symposium and Workshop

December 19 -20, 2019

COVID-19 Stories

Tackling COVID-19: Engineering Solutions to a Grand Challenge

In this overview of COVID-19, we explore various solutions to this grand challenge with experts who are addressing COVID-19 testing, diagnostics, tracking and tracing, treatment, prevention, and mental health. You’ll hear from many of the participants of the IEEE EMBS Grand Challenges Forum on COVID-19.

We had so much great footage from the interviews conducted for Tackling COVID-19 (above), we created these COVID-19 Stories, which cover additional topics and dive deeper into some of the work being done to combat COVID-19.

COVID-19: It’s Not the Flu

This is a brief exploration of some of the physical effects of COVID-19 experienced by those afflicted by the virus.

Addressing the Mental Health Effects of COVID-19

Beth Jaworski of the VA’s Center for PTSD talks about the mental health effects of COVID-19 and an app they developed for the public to help people cope with the stressors created by the pandemic.

Point-of-Care Testing Solutions for COVID-19

In this story, you’ll be introduced to two, low-cost testing solutions—one for clinics and another for the home—designed to meet the massive testing volume required for a full and safe reopening.

Telehealth Monitoring for COVID-19

Nigel Lovell, of the University of New South Wales (Sydney) Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, talks about the Australian initiative to monitor COVID-positive patients at home and determine whether and when they need to be admitted to hospital.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Landscape

After a brief description of the various vaccine platforms being leveraged to prevent COVID-19, we take an in-depth look at Moderna’s mRNA vaccine and how it works as well as the activities of the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development, which is developing safe and affordable vaccines for low-income countries.

Vaccinating the World – The Challenge of Covid-19

Representatives from Moderna and Texas Children’s Hospital for Vaccine Development/Baylor College of Medicine discuss the need to reach herd immunity in the battle against COVID-19, the logistics of reaching every corner of the planet, and the challenges posed by vaccine hesitancy.

COVID-19: Shining a Light on Health Inequities

A brief discussion of the disparities of our global healthcare system and why they cannot be ignored.

The Lessons of COVID-19

Hear from researchers reflecting on what we’ve learned from the pandemic and how it can inform us going forward.

Silver Linings within the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amidst the grief, sorrow, and many stressors of the pandemic, our experts discuss some positive things that have resulted from COVID-19.

How mRNA Vaccines Work

In this detailed description of how the mRNA vaccines work, a representative from Moderna explains how mRNA functions and how this process has been leveraged to produce mRNA vaccines for COVID-19.