SwasthGarbh: A smartphone App for improving the quality of antenatal care and ameliorating maternal-fetal health

SwasthGarbh: A smartphone App for improving the quality of antenatal care and ameliorating maternal-fetal health 1267 632 Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI)

SwasthGarbh (Healthy Pregnancy) is a mobile application for providing antenatal care and real-time medical support to all pregnant women. It assists pregnant women by ensuring timely ANC visits, recording every clinical test/parameter and improving medication adherence. Most importantly, both the woman and doctor get automatic notification if any parameter(s) crosses normal range or any danger sign is present so that timely medical assistance can be provided. Women have the freedom to inform the doctor about any problem/symptom on an SOS basis. On getting this information along with clinical reports (if any), the doctor can advise as well as prescribe medicines in real-time (through notification/call). The clinical assessment of 150 patients demonstrates the utility of our App in enhancing the quality of antenatal care, improving clinical parameters (hemoglobin/BP) as well as reducing medical/obstetric complications. The App reminded doctors of the examinations and investigations that they were supposed to perform at any given visit, helping early identification of problems and the provision of appropriate treatment. The patients registered on the App showed a significantly higher number of antenatal visits/investigations and better compliance with the WHO guidelines. All of these translated into a ‘positive-pregnancy’ experience and improved patient satisfaction. This is the first pregnancy App that provides instantaneous access to doctor’s advice in case of any emergency and is clinically endorsed as well as credible. Both patients and doctors can avail the benefits of the App free of cost.

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Sahil Sharma; Snigdha Soni; Shalini Kaushik; Mani Kalaivani; Vatsla Dadhwal; K Aparna Sharma; Deepak Sharma