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Enhancing Motor Sequence Learning via Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation (taVNS): An EEG Study
C. Tang, L. Chen, Z. Wang, L. Zhang, B. Gu, X. Liu, D. Ming, Dong

Motor learning accompanies humans throughout their entire lives and is a critically important function. The application of neuromodulation holds promise for mitigating the need for extensive repetitive training, thereby expediting and enhancing motor learning. One notable form of neuromodulation garnering attention is transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS), celebrated for its non-invasiveness, affordability, and ease of application. While prior studies have suggested taVNSas a potential tool for modulating motor learning, there remains a dearth of specific and clear behavioral evidence. Relying solely on behavioral outcomes for evaluation introduces the risk of deviation and instability. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a commonly used signal to monitor brain activity due to its noninvasiveness and high time resolution and some changes on EEG have been found in the motor-related task. In this study, we designed a single-blind EEG acquisition experiment to investigate the effect of taVNS on ipsilateral-hand (left hand) motor sequence learning, and recruited 22 healthy adults to participate in the two-session experiment. We analyzed and compared behavior indicators (reaction time, learning index and learning performance) and EEG features (motor related cortex potential, phase-amplitude coupling, and functional connectivity). The results revealed that compared to the sham group, the active group showed significantly higher learning performance. Additionally, the EEG results indicated that after taVNS, the motor-related cortical potential amplitudes and alpha-gamma modulation index decreased significantly and functional connectivity based on partial directed coherence towards frontal lobe was enhanced. These findings suggest that taVNS can improve motor learning, mainly through enhancing cognitive and memory functions rather than simple movement learning. Our results are expected to provide technical guidance for taVNS enhancing motor learning and contribute to the development of taVNS-based auxiliary or rehabilitation equipment.

Sensor Informatics

Contactless Respiration Monitoring using Wi-Fi and Artificial Neural Network Detection Method.
Kontou, Panagiota; Ben Smida, Souheil; Anagnostou, Dr. Dimitris E.

A Physics-Informed Low-Shot Adversarial Learning For sEMG-Based Estimation of Muscle Force and Joint Kinematics.
Shi, Yue; Ma, Shuhao; Zhao, Yihui; Shi, Chaoyang; Zhang, Zhiqiang

Intelligent Electrocardiogram Acquisition Via Ubiquitous Photoplethysmography Monitoring
Liu, Zhangdaihong; Zhu, Tingting; Lu, Lei; Zhang, Yuanting; Clifton, David A.

Multiscale Bidirectional Temporal Convolutional Network for Sleep Apnea Detection based on Wearable Photoplethysmography Bracelet.
zou, Lang; Liu, Guan-zheng

A Novel Approach to Quantify Microsleep in Drivers with Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Concurrent Analysis of EEG Patterns and Driving Attributes.
Semiz, Beren; Minhas, Riaz; Arbatli, Semih; Celik, Yeliz; Peker, Yuksel

Detection of Coronary Artery Disease Based on Clinical Phonocardiogram and Multiscale Attention Convolutional Compression Network.
Yin, Chongbo; Zheng, Yineng; DING, Xiaorong; Shi, Yan; Qin, Jian; Guo, Xingming

A Robust and Real-time Framework of Cross-subject Myoelectric Control Model Calibration via Multi-source Domain Adaptation.
Dai, Chenyun; Liu, Jiayan; Yuan, Yangyang; Jiang, Xinyu; Guo, Yao; Jia, Fumin

Influence of Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Motor Planning: A Resting-State and Task-State EEG Study.
He, Jiatong; Chen, Long; Zhang, Jiasheng; Wang, Zhongpeng; Zhang, Lei; Gu, Bin; Liu, Xiuyun; Ming, Dong.

Multi-feature Decision Fusion Network for Heart Sound Abnormality Detection and Classification.
Zhang, Haobo; Zhang, Peng; Wang, Zhiwei; Chao, Lianying; Chen, Yuting; Li, Qiang

Imaging Informatics

Hierarchical Style-Aware Domain Generalization for Remote Physiological Measurement.
He, Dengbo; Wang, Jiyao; Lu, Hao; Wang, Ange; Chen, Yingcong

Is attention all you need in medical image analysis? A review.
Papanastasiou, Georgios; Dikaios, Nikolaos; Huang, Jiahao; Wang, Chengjia; Yang, Guang

Quaternion Cross-modality Spatial Learning for Multi-modal Medical Image Segmentation.
Yuan, Xiaochen; Chen, Junyang; Huang, Guoheng; Zhong, Guo; Zheng, Zewen; Pun, Chi-Man; Zhu, Jian; Huang, Zhixin.

CGMA-Net: Cross-level Guidance and Multi-scale Aggregation Network for Polyp Segmentation.
Yan, Yidong; Zheng, Jianwei; Zhao, Liang; Pan, Xiang

Multi-Contrast Complementary Learning for Accelerated MR Imaging
Li, Bangjun; Hu, Weifeng; Feng, Chun-Mei; Li, Yujun; Liu, Zhi; Xu, Yong

S3-Net: A Self-Supervised dual-Stream Network for Radiology Report Generation
Pan, Renjie; Ran, Ruisheng; Hu, Wei; Zhang, Wengfeng; Qin, Qibing; Cui, Shaoguo

CalibrationPhys: Self-supervised Video-based Heart and Respiratory Rate Measurements by Calibrating Between Multiple Cameras.
Akamatsu, Yusuke; Umematsu, Terumi; Imaoka, Hitoshi

ERNet: Edge Regularization Network for Cerebral Vessel Segmentation in Digital Subtraction Angiography Images.
Xu, Weijin; Yang, Huihua; Shi, Yinghuan; Tan, Tao; liu, wentao; Pan, Xipeng; Deng, Yiming; Gao, Feng; Su, Ruisheng

A New Multi-Atlas Based Deep Learning Segmentation Framework with Differentiable Atlas Feature Warping
Liu, Huabing; Nie, Dong; Yang, Jian; Wang, jinda; Tang, Zhenyu

Unsupervised joint domain adaptation for decoding brain cognitive states from tfMRI images
Gao, Yufei; Zhang, Yameng; Xu, Jing; Zhao, Guohua; Shi, Lei; Kong, Lingfei

Graph-based Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis with Synthetic functional Brain Network Generation.
Oh, Ji-Hye; Lee, Deok-Joong; Ji, Chang-Hoon; Shin, Dong-Hee; Han, Ji-Wung; Son, Young-Han; Kam, Tae-Eui

TaiChiNet: Negative-Positive Cross-Attention Network for Breast Lesion Segmentation in Ultrasound Images
Fang, Zhiwen; Wang, Jinting; Liang, Jiafei; Xiao, Yang; Zhou, Joey Tianyi; Yang, Feng

A New Automated Prognostic Prediction Method Based on Multi-Sequence Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Hepatic Resection of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases.
Yang, Jinzhu; Tang, Lingzhi; Zhang, Zitian; Yong, Feng; Song, Sun; Liu, Baoxin; Ma, Junting; Liu, Jiaxi; Shao, Haibo

A Dual-Branch Framework with Prior Knowledge for Precise Segmentation of Lung Nodules in Challenging CT Scans
Jiang, Wujun; Zhi, Lijia; Zhang, Shaomin; Zhou, Tao

FD-Net: Feature Distillation Network for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Lymph Node Segmentation in Hyperspectral imagery.
Li, Wei; Zhang, Xueyu; Li, Qingxiang; Guo, Yuxing; Zhang, Jianyun; Guo, Chuanbin; Chang, Kan; Lovell, Nigel Hamilton

Dual-view learning based on images and sequences for molecular property prediction
Chen, Haowen; Zhang, Xiang; Xiang, Hongxin; Yang, Xixi; Dong, Jingxin; Fu, Xiangzheng; Zeng, Xiangxiang; Li, Keqin

Semi-Supervised Disease Classification based on Limited Medical Image Data
Li, Chun; Zhang, Yan; Liu, Zhaoxia; Li, Ming

CorrDiff: Corrective Diffusion Model for Accurate MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation
Li, wenqing; Huang, Wenhui; Zheng, Yuanjie

Adaptive Tensor-based Feature Extraction for Pupil Segmentation in Cataract Surgery
Giap, Binh Duong; Srinivasan, Karthik; Mahmoud, Ossama; Mian, Shahzad I.; Tannen, Bradford; Nallasamy, Nambi

RED-Net: Residual and Enhanced Discriminative Network for image steganalysis in the Internet of medical things and telemedicine
chen, yang; Chen, Kai; Zhou, Zhenyuan; Li, Yuchen; Ji, Xu; Wu, Jiasong ; Coatrieux, Jean-Louis; Coatrieux, Jean-Louis

Bridging the Gap between Vitiligo Segmentation and Clinical Scores
LI, Yanling; Thng, Steven Tien Guan; Kong, Adams

Graph Autoencoders for Embedding Learning in Brain Networks and Major Depressive Disorder Identification
Ting, Chee-Ming; Noman, Fuad; Kang, Hakmook; Phan, Raphaël C.-W.; Ombao, Hernando

Medical Informatics

Improving Medical Speech-to-Text Accuracy using Vision-Language Pre-training Models
Ye, Jong; Huh, Jaeyoung; Park, Sangjoon; Lee, Jeong Eun

Multi-Feature Map Integrated Attention Model for Early Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes Using Irregular Health Examination Records.
Deng, Ning; Wu, Dan; Mei, Yingxue; Sun, Zhaohong; Duan, Huilong

EHR-HGCN: An Enhanced Hybrid Approach for Text Classification Using Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Networks in Electronic Health Records.
Cao, Chen; Wang, Guishen; Lou, Xiaoxue; Guo, Fang; Kwok, Devin

Multimodal mental health digital biomarker analysis from remote interviews using facial, vocal, linguistic, and cardiovascular patterns
Jiang, Zifan; Seyedi, Salman; Griner, Emily; Abbasi, Ahmed; Rad, Ali; Kwon, Hyeokhyen; Cotes, Robert O.; Clifford, Gari

Multi-branching Temporal Convolutional Network with Tensor Data Completion for Diabetic Retinopathy Prediction
Yao, Bing; Wang, Zekai; Chen, Suhao; Liu, Tieming


SSCRB: Predicting circRNA-RBP interaction sites using a sequence and structural feature-based attention model
Zhao, Qi; Liu, Liwei; Wei, Yuxiao; Zhang, Qi

GSLCDA: An Unsupervised Deep Graph Structure Learning Method for Predicting CircRNA-Disease Association
Wang, Lei; Li, Zheng-Wei; you, zhuhong; Huang, De-Shuang; Wong, Leon

MAGCDA: A Multi-hop Attention Graph Neural Networks Method for CircRNA-disease Association Prediction
Wang, Lei; Li, Zheng-Wei; You, Zhuhong; Huang, De-Shuang; Wong, Leon

AutoDDI: Drug-drug Interaction Prediction with Automated Graph Neural Network.
Wu, Zhenpeng; Chen, Jiamin; Al-Sabri, Raeed; Oloulade, Babatounde Moctard; Gao, Jianliang

ASTER: A Method to Predict Clinically Relevant Synthetic Lethal Genetic Interactions
Rajan, Vaibhav; Liany, Herty; Jayagopal, Aishwarya; Huang, Dachuan; Lim, Jing Quan; NBH, Nur Izzah; Jeyasekharan, Anand; Ong, Choon Kiat

Human Locomotion Databases. A Systematic Review.
Pinto-Fernandez, David; Rodriguez-Cianca, David; Moreno, Juan; Torricelli, Diego

Modeling and AI Informatics

Dual-Teacher Feature Distillation: A Transfer Learning Method for Insomniac PSG Staging.
Duan, Lijuan; Zhang, Yan; Huang, Zhaoyang; MA, Bian; Wang, Wenjian; Qiao, Yuanhua


Driven Biomedical Imaging Systems for Precision Diagnostic

LYSTO: The Lymphocyte Assessment Hackathon and Benchmark Dataset
Jiao, Yi-ping; van der Laak, Jeroen; Albarqouni, Shadi; Li, Zhang; Tan, Tao; Bhalerao, Abhir; Cheng, Shenghua; Ma, Jiabo; Pocock, Johnathon; Pluim, Josien; Alemi Koohbanani, Navid; Bashir, Raja Muhammad Saad; Raza, Shan; Liu, Sibo; Graham, Simon; Wetstein, Suzanne; Khurram, Syed; Liu, Xiuli; Rajpoot, Nasir; Veta, Mitko; Ciompi, Francesco

Retinal Blood Vessel Tracking and Diameter Estimation via Gaussian Process with Rider Optimization Algorithm
Ahmad, Nehal; Lai, KT; Tanveer, M.

3D-IncNet: Head and Neck (H&N) Primary Tumors Segmentation and Survival Prediction
Qayum, Abdul; Benzinou, Abdesslam; Imran, Muhammad; Mazher, Moona; Nguyen, Thanh Thi; Puig, Domenec; Vafaee, Fatemeh

FCSN: Global Context Aware Segmentation by Learning the Fourier Coefficients of Objects in Medical Images
Jeon, YoungSeok; Yang, Honfei; Feng, Mengling

DEBCM: Deep learning-based enhanced breast invasive ductal carcinoma classification model in IoMT healthcare systems
HAQ, AMIN UL; Li, Jian Ping; Khan, Inayat; Agbley, Bless Lord Y; Ahmad, Sultan; Uddin, Irfan ; Zhou, Wang; Khan, Shakir; Alam, Iftikhar

Brain MR Image Classification using Superpixel-based Deep Transfer Learning
Behera, Tanmay Kumar; Attique Khan, Muhammad; Bakshi, Sambit

An Efficient Multi-Task Synergetic Network for Polyp Segmentation and Classification
Wang, Miao; An, Xingwei; Pei, Zhengcun; Li, Ning; Zhang, Li; Liu, Gang; Ming, Dong

QEMCGAN: Quantized Evolutionary Gradient Aware Multiobjective Cyclic GAN for Medical Image Translation
Bharti, Vandana; Biswas, Bhaskar; Shukla, K. K.

NERONE: the Fast Way to Efficiently Execute Your Deep Learning Algorithm at the Edge
Berzoini, Raffaele; D’Arnese, Eleonora; Conficconi, Davide; Santambrogio, Marco

Vision Transformers, Ensemble Model, and Transfer Learning Leveraging Explainable AI for Brain Tumor Detection and Classification
Hossain, Shahriar; Chakrabarty, Amitabha; Gadekallu, Thippa Reddy; Alazab, Mamoun; Piran, Md Jalil

AI-driven Informatics, Sensing, Imaging and Big Data Analytics for Fighting the COV

COVID-19 Detection from Respiratory Sounds via Hierarchical Spectrogram Transformers
Aytekin, Ayce; Dalmaz, Onat; Gonc, Kaan; Ankishan, Haydar; Saritas, Emine; Bagci, Ulas; Celik, Haydar ; Cukur, Tolga