FAQs for Reviewers

Q1:  How do I enter my review of a manuscript?

A1: Your Reviewer Center contains a list of all manuscripts you are responsible for reviewing. At the far right under the Corresponding Author’s name is a button named “Review”. Clicking this button will bring you to a screen entitled “Instructions for Reviewers”. Follow the prompts given and enter your scores and review of the manuscript where indicated.

Q2:  What is the difference between the different boxes for the comments?

A2: There are two boxes that can be used for comments in the review form. The comments in the first box will only go to the editors. If there are comments that you want the author to see they should be typed/copied into the comments for author box.

Q3: I want to upload a review I have formatted in Word or other word processor.

A3: Typically we want all reviews are entered as plain text. You can upload a PDF file although this is not recommended. WORD files may reveal your identify so it is also highly discouraged. If there are comments on math equations which need to be expressed in a PDF file, please put “see uploaded file” in the box for author comments.

Q4: How can I see authors’ response to my previous review comments?

A4: If authors do not submit response to review as a supporting document but enter into the text box, such responses would link with the previous version of submission instead of the revision. You can click “authors’ response” in the previous submission in your Reviewer Center.