Best Reviewers

2015 Best Reviewers

Dr. Marco AltiniDr. Marco Altini
Bloom Technologies, Creator, HRV4Training, San Francisco, California, USA
Research Interests:
My research interest is in the application of machine learning methods to healthcare applications. Particularly, in using technology and data science to advance our knowledge on the relation between physiological and behavioral aspects and health. I am especially interested in the opportunities arising from crowdsourcing clinical research, by providing individuals with clinical grade data and analyzing such data at a scale beyond what is possible in regular clinical studies.

Dr. Shanshan ChenDr. Shanshan Chen
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Research Interests:
Her primary research interests lie in translating fundamental research in sensing technologies into medical research, clinical practice and general health and wellness management with real-world impact via system design, targeted human subject studies and large clinical trials.

Dr. Anthony FleuryDr. Anthony Fleury
Mines Douai, Computer Sciences and Automatic Control Dpt. (URIA), Mines-Telecom Institute, Douai, France
Research Interests:
Machine learning, incremental classification algorithms, mobile health, personal health, human behavior analysis, ambient assisted living.

Dr. Peng Un MakDr. Peng Un Mak
University of Macau, Macau, China
Research Interests:
Bio-signals extraction & processing, Human Body Communications (HBC), Body Sensor Networks (BSN), Neural signal in-vivo acquisition and control, Bio-electromagnetism, Applied-Electromagnetics, Macau Higher Education & Chinese Culture.

Dr. Athanasios TsanasDr. Athanasios Tsanas
University of Oxford, UK
Research Interests:
Time-series analysis, signal processing, statistical machine learning.

Dr. Hui YangDr. Hui Yang
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Research Interests:
Sensor-based modeling and analysis of complex cardiovascular systems for process monitoring, medical decision making, treatment planning and optimization.