Noise-Factorized Disentangled Representation Learning for Generalizable Motor Imagery EEG Classification

February 2024 Highlights

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Noise-Factorized Disentangled Representation Learning for Generalizable Motor Imagery EEG Classification

Noise-Factorized Disentangled Representation Learning for Generalizable Motor Imagery EEG Classification
Gu, J. Han, G-Z Yang, B. Lo,

Motor Imagery (MI) Electroencephalography (EEG) is one of the most common Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) paradigms that has been widely used in neural rehabilitation and gaming. Although considerable research efforts have been dedicated to developing MI EEG classification algorithms, they are mostly limited in handling scenarios where the training and testing data are not from the same subject or session. Such poor generalization capability significantly limits the realization of BCI in real-world applications. In this paper, we proposed a novel framework to disentangle the representation of raw EEG data into three components, subject/session-specific, MI-task-specific, and random noises, so that the subject/session-specific feature extends the generalization capability of the system. This is realized by a joint discriminative and generative framework, supported by a series of fundamental training losses and training strategies. We evaluated our framework on three public MI EEG datasets, and detailed experimental results show that our method can achieve superior performance by a large margin compared to current state-of-the-art benchmark algorithms.

Feb 2024 highlights - Sensors Informatics

ST-SCGNN: A Spatio-Temporal Self-Constructing Graph Neural Network for Cross-Subject EEG-Based Emotion Recognition and Consciousness Detection
Pan, Jiahui; Liang, Rongming; He, Zhipeng; Li, Jingcong; Liang

Noise-Factorized Disentangled Representation Learning for Generalizable Motor Imagery EEG Classification
Gu, Xiao; Han, Jinpei; Yang, Guang-Zhong; Lo, Benny

In-Distribution and Out-of-Distribution Self-supervised ECG Representation Learning for Arrhythmia Detection
Soltanieh, Sahar; Hashemi, Javad; Etemad, Ali

Automatic Sleep Staging Based on Contextual Scalograms and Attention Convolution Neural Network Using Single-channel EEG
Luo, Yuxi; Wei, Yu; Zhu, Yongpeng; Zhou, Yihan; Yu, Xiaokang

Multiscale Canonical Coherence for Functional Corticomuscular Coupling Analysis
Sun, Jingyao; Jia, Tianyu; Lin, Ping-Ju; Li, Zhibin; Ji, Linhong; Li, Chong

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Image Recovery Matters: A Recovery-Extraction Framework for Robust Fetal Brain Extraction from MR Images
Chen, Geng; Chen, Jian; L, RL; Ye, Shilin; Guang, Mengting; TASSEW, TEWODROS; Jing, Bin; Zhang, Guofu; Shen, Dinggang

Hybrid QUS Radiomics: A Multimodal-Integrated Quantitative Ultrasound Radiomics for Assessing Ambulatory Function in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Tsui, Po-Hsiang; YAN, DONG; Li, Qiang; Lin, Chia-Wei; Shieh, Jeng-Yi; Weng, Wen-Chin

MAEF-Net: MLP Attention for Feature Enhancement in U-Net based Medical Image Segmentation Networks
Zhang, Yunchu; Dong, Jianfei 

MRL-Seg: Overcoming Imbalance in Medical Image Segmentation with Multi-Step Reinforcement Learning
Yang, Feiyang; Li, Xiongfei; Duan, Haoran; Xu, Feilong; Huang, Yawen; Zhang, Xiaoli; Long, Yang; Zheng, Yefeng 

Prior-Guided Attribution of Deep Neural Networks for Obstetrics and Gynecology
Bonnard, Jules; Dapogny, Arnaud; Zsamboki, Richard; Braud, Lucrezia De; Jurkovic, Davor; Bailly, Kιvin; Dhombres, Ferdinand

STANet: Spatio-Temporal Adaptive Network and Clinical Prior Embedding Learning for 3D+T CMR Segmentation
Qi, Xiaoming; He, Yuting; Qi, Yaolei; Kong, Youyong; Yang, Guanyu; Li, Shuo

ST-GAN: A Swin Transformer-based Generative Adversarial Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of Cross-modality Cardiac Segmentation
Zhang, yifan; wang, yonghui; Xu, Lisheng; Yao, Yu-dong; Qian, Wei; Qi, Lin 

Vague-Segment Technique: Automatic Computation of Tumor Stroma Ratio for Breast Cancer on Whole Slides
Chen, Linying; Xinsen, Lian; Yang, Kunping; Bingzhi, Chen; Xiuhong, Cai; Xinling, Lu; Xinyao, Xu; Jinlin, Chen; Ming, Tian; Pengtao, Lin; Zheng, Xi

Double Transformer Super-Resolution for Breast Cancer ADC Images
Yang, Ying; Xiang, Tao; Lv, Xiao; Li, Lihua; Lui, Lok Ming; Zeng, Tieyong

An Implicit-Explicit Prototypical Alignment Framework for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
Gao, Xinbo; Tian, Chunna; Zhang, Zhenxi; Zhou, Heng; Ran, Ran; Jiao, Zhicheng

HT-RCM: Hashimotos Thyroiditis Ultrasound Image Classification Model based on Res-FCT and Res-CAM
Yue, Guanghui; Jiang, Wenchao; Chen, Kang; Liang, Zhipeng; Luo, Tianchun; Zhao, Zhiming; Song, Wei; Zhao, Ling; Wen, Jianxuan

Center-Focused Affinity Loss for Class Imbalance Histology Image Classification
Mahbub, Taslim; Obeid, Ahmad; Javed, Sajid; Dias, Jorge; Hassan, Taimur; Werghi, Naoufel

Negative Instance Guided Self-Distillation Framework for Whole Slide Image Analysis
Luo, Xiaoyuan; Qu, Linhao; Guo, Qinhao; Song, Zhijian; Wang, Manning

A novel high-dimensional kernel joint non-negative matrix factorization with multimodal information for lung cancer study
Shi, Yuhu; Jin, Zhibin; Deng, Jin; Zeng, Weiming; Zhou, Lili

A Weakly Supervised Segmentation Network Embedding Cross-scale Attention Guidance and Noise-sensitive Constraint for Detecting Tertiary Lymphoid Structures of Pancreatic Tumors.
Gui, Luying; Wang, Bingxue; Zou, Liwen; Chen, Jun; Cao, Yingying; Cai, Zhenghua; Qiu, Yudong; Mao, Liang; Wang, Zhongqiu; Chen, Jingya; YANG, XIAOPING.

Eat-Radar: Continuous Fine-Grained Intake Gesture Detection Using FMCW Radar and 3D Temporal Convolutional Network with Attention
Wang, Chunzhuo; T, Sunil Kumar; De Raedt, Walter; Camps, Guido; Hallez, Hans; Vanrumste, Bart

Brain Age Prediction Based on Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Using the Segmentation Transformer
Chen, Mingxing; Wang, Yiqing; Shi, Yuting; Feng, Jie; Feng, Ruimin; Guan, Xiaojun; Xu, Xiaojun; Zhang, Yuyao; Jin, Cheng; Wei, Hongjiang

Feb 2024 highlights -Medical informatics

Detection and Assessment of Point-to-Point Movements during Functional Activities using Deep Learning and Kinematic Analyses of the Stroke-Affected Wrist
Oubre, Brandon; Lee, Sunghoon

Modality-specific feature selection, data augmentation and temporal context for improved performance in sleep staging
JAIN, RITIKA; Ramakrishnan, Angarai Ganesan

A Semi-supervised Multi-scale Arbitrary Dilated Convolution Neural Network for Pediatric Sleep Staging
Chen, Zhiqiang; Pan, Xue; Zhifei, Xu; Li, Ke; Lv, Yudan; Zhang, Yuan; Sun, Hongqiang

Detecting Eating Episodes From Wrist Motion Using Daily Pattern Analysis
Tang, Zeyu; Patyk, Adam; Jolly, James; Goldstein, Stephanie P.; Thomas, J. Graham; Hoover, Adam

Pathological Gait Analysis with an Open-Source Cloud-Enabled Platform Empowered by Semi-Supervised Learning – PathoOpenGait
Tseng, Yufeng; Ho, Ming-Yang; Kuo, Ming-Che; Chen, Ciao-Sin; Wu, Ruey-Meei; Chuang, Ching-Chi; Shih, Chi-Sheng

February 2024 Highlights - Bioinformatics

Effect Predictor of Driver Synonymous Mutations Based on Multi-feature Fusion and Iterative Feature Representation Learning
Cheng, Na; Bi, Chuanmei; Shi, Yong; Liu, Mengya; Cao, Anqi; Ren, Mengkun; Xia, Junfeng; Liang, Zhen

Multi-Kernel Graph Attention Deep Autoencoder for MiRNA-Disease Association Prediction
Gao, Ying-Lian; Jiao, Cui-Na; Zhou, Feng; Liu, Bao-Min; Zheng, Chun-Hou; Liu, Jin-Xing

An Improved Statistical Modeling Approach to Individual Anticholinergic Drug Use Trend Analysis
Lou, Zhouyang; Li, Mingyang; Campbell, Noll L.; Tu, Wanzhu; Kong, Nan

Improving cancer survival prediction via graph convolutional neural networks learning on protein-protein interaction networks
Cai, Hongmin; Liao, Yi; Zhu, Lei; Wang, Zhikang; Song, Jiangning

Feb 2024 Highlights - Modeling and AI Informatics

A Lightweight Hybrid Model Using Multiscale Markov Transition Field for Real-Time Quality Assessment of Photoplethysmography Signals
Yang, Cuiwei; Liu, Jian; Hu, Shuaicong; Wang, Ya’nan; Hu, Qihan; Wang, Daomiao

Estimation of Circular Statistics in the Presence of Measurement Bias
Alsammani, Abdallah; Stacey, William C.; Gliske, Stephen V.

Attention-based deep learning model for prediction of major adverse cardiovascular events in peritoneal dialysis patients
Xu, Zhiyuan; Xu, Xiao; Zhu, Xuemei; Niu, Kai; Dong, Jie; He, Zhiqiang

Feb 2024 Highlights - Camera-based health monitoring in real-world scenarios

cbPPGGAN: A Generic Enhancement Framework for Unpaired Pulse Waveforms in Camera-based Photoplethysmography
Yang, Ze; Wang, Haofei; Liu, Bo; Lu, Feng

Learning Spatio-Temporal Pulse Representation with Global-Local Interaction and Supervision for Remote Prediction of Heart Rate
Zhao, Changchen; Zhou, Menghao; Zhao, Zheng; Huang, Bin; Rao, Bing

Contactless Blood Pressure Measurement via Remote Photoplethysmography with Synthetic Data Generation Using Generative Adversarial Network
Wu, Bing-Fei; Chiu, Li-Wen; Wu, Yi-Chiao;  Lai, Chun-Chih; Cheng, Hao-Min; Chu, Pao-Hsien

A Review of Depth-based Human Motion Capture Enhancement: Past, Present, and Future
Zhou, Le; Lannan, Nate; Fan, Guoliang

Hand Grasp Classification in Egocentric Video after Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
Dousty, Mehdy; Fleet, David; Zariffa, Jose

A Digital Camera-based Eye Movement Assessment Method for NeuroEye Examination
Hassan, Mohamed Abul; Yin, Xuwang; Zhuang, Yan; Aldridge, Chad M.; McMurry, Timothy  ; Southerland, Andrew; Rohde, Gustavo

Towards an AI-based Objective Prognostic Model for Quantifying Wound Healing
Gupta, Rishabh; Goldstone, Lucas; Eisen, Shira; Ramachandram, Dhanesh; Cassata, Amy; Fraser, Robert; Ramirez-GarciaLuna, Jose; Bartlett, Robert; Allport, Justin

NRP: A Multi-source, Heterogeneous, Automatic Data Collection System for Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Pigueiras, Janet; C. Gontard, Lionel; Benavente-Fernαndez, Isabel; Lubian, Simσn; Gallero, Enrique; Ruiz-Zafra, Angel

Automated Prediction of Infant Cognitive Development Risk by Video:A Pilot Study
Ji, Shengjie; Ma, Dan; Pan   , Lunxin; Wang , Wenan; Peng , Xiaohang; Toluwani Amos , Joan; Niyigena Ingabire , Honorine; Li, Min; Wang , Ying; Yao, Dezhong; Ren, Peng

Feb 2024 Highlights - Achieving Health Equity Through AI for Diagnosis and Treatment

Interpretable CNN-Multilevel Attention Transformer for Rapid Recognition of Pneumonia from Chest X-Ray Images
Chen, Shengchao; Ren, Sufen; Wang, Guanjun; Huang, Mengxing; Xue, Chenyang

An Explainable and Personalized Cognitive Reasoning Model Based on Knowledge Graph: Toward Decision Making for General Practice
Liu, Qianghua; Tian, Yu; Zhou, Tianshu; Lyu, Kewei; Wang, Zhixiao; Zheng, Yixiao; Liu, Ying Ren, Jingjing Li, Jingsong

Deeply Supervised Skin Lesions Diagnosis with Stage and Branch Attention
DAI, Wei; Liu, Rui; Wu, Tianyi; Wang, Min; Yin, Jianqin; Liu, Jun

CellT-Net: A Composite Transformer Method for 2-D Cell Instance Segmentation
Wan, Zhijiang; Li, Manyu; Wang, Zihan; Tan, Hai; Li, Wei; Yu, Lisu; Samuel, Dinesh Jackson

AI-Based Automatic System for Assessing Upper-Limb Spasticity of Patients with Stroke Through Voluntary Movement
Lee, I-Jung; HU, YU HEN; Hsiao, Pei-Chi; Yang, Shu-Yu; Lin, Hsin-Te; Chen, Yu-Chung; Lin, Bor-Shing