Sensor Informatics

Sensor Informatics 1267 607 Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI)

In this issue, vol. 27, issue 6, June 2023, 6 papers are published related to the to the topic Sensor Informatics. Please click here to view them, with link in IEEE XPLORE.

Sparsity-Based Multi-Person Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitoring Via FMCW Radar.
Eder, Yonathan; Eldar, Yonina.

Diversity and Suitability of the State-of-the-Art Wireless and Wearable EEG Systems Review.
He, Congying; Chen, Yu-Yi; Stevenson, Cory; Phang, Chun-Ren; Chen, I-Ping; Jung, Tzyy-Ping; Ko, Li-Wei.

sCL-ST: Supervised Contrastive Learning with Semantic Transformations for Multiple Lead ECG Arrhythmia Classification.
Le, Duc; Truong, Sang; Brijesh, Patel; Adjeroh, Donald; Le, Ngan.

Estimation of Lower Extremity Joint Moments and 3D Ground Reaction Forces Using IMU Sensors in Multiple Walking Conditions: A Deep Learning approach.
Hossain, Md Sanzid Bin; Guo, Zhishan; Choi, Hwan.

Explainable and Robust Deep Forests for EMG-Force Modeling.
Jiang, Xinyu; Nazarpour, Kianoush; Dai, Chenyun.

Personality in Daily Life: Multi-situational Physiological Signals Reflect Big-Five Personality Traits.
Shui, Xinyu; Chen, Yiling; Hu, Xin; Wang, Fei; Zhang, Dan.