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Near-Realistic Mobile Exergames With Wireless Wearable Sensors

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B.Mortazavi, S. Nyamathy, S. I. Lee, T.Wilkerson, H. Ghasemzadeh, and M. Sarrafzadeh

Near-Realistic Mobile Exergames With Wireless Wearable Sensors

This paper presents a framework for the development of ‘Exergaming’ (the combination of exercise and video gaming) using body-worn sensors. Instead of mapping movements to existing games, the proposed framework captured real sports movements using body-worn sensors to form the basis for the design of a realistic game.  A recognition system was designed in the framework for classifying different movements and the recognition results are used to control the game. A mobile soccer game was created where users have to run and complete different predesigned actions at different stages of the game. Instead of using a game controller, users have to actually perform the actions in order to progress in the game. To assess the users’ perception on the approach, a user survey was conducted, and out of 30 participants, all but one participants thought that the motion in the game were realistic, intense, and difficult to cheat.

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Tags: Activity monitoring, exergaming, user experience, user survey, wearable sensors


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