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In this issue, vol. 24, issue 9, September 2020, 10 papers are published related to the topic Medical Informatics. Please click here to view them, with links in IEEE XPLORE.

Real-time detection of compensatory patterns in patients with stroke to reduce compensation during robotic rehabilitation therapy
Cai, Siqi; Li, Guofeng; Su, Enze; Wei, Xuyang; Huang, Shuangyuan; Ma, Ke; Zheng, Haiqing; Xie, Longhan

Using Intelligent Personal Annotations to Improve Human Activity Recognition for Movements in Natural Environments
Solis Castilla, Roger; Akbari, Ali; Jafari, Roozbeh; Mortazavi, Bobak

Length-of-Stay Prediction for Pediatric Patients with Respiratory Diseases Using Decision Tree Methods
Ma, Fei; Yu , Limin; Ye, Lishan; Yao, David; Zhuang, Weifen

Aceso: PICO-guided Evidence Summarization on Medical Literature
Zhang, Xiang; Geng, Ping; Zhang, Tengteng; Lu, Qian; Gao, Peng; Mei, Jing

Construction of Empirical Care Pathways Process Models from Multiple Real-World Datasets
Gonzalez Garcia, Juan; Telleria Orriols, Carlos; Estupiραn Romero, Francisco; Bernal-Delgado, Enrique

Control-Oriented Model with Intra-Patient Variations for an Artificial Pancreas
Moscoso-Vasquez, Marcela; Colmegna, Patricio; Rosales, Nicolas; Garelli, Fabricio; Sanchez-Peρa, Ricardo

Objective ADHD diagnosis using Convolutional Neural Networks over Daily-Life Activity Records
Amado-Caballero, Patricia; Casaseca-de-la-Higuera, Pablo; Alberola-Lopez, Susana; Andres-de-Llano, Jesus; Lopez-Villalobos, Jose; Garmendia-Leiza, Jose; Alberola-Lopez, Carlos

Inaccurate labels in weakly supervised deep learning: Automatic identification and correction and their impact on classification performance
Hao, Degan; Zhang, Lei; Sumkin, Jules ; Mohamed, Aly; Wu, Shandong

Natural Language Generation Model for mammography reports simulation
Hoogi, Assaf; Mishra, Arjun; Gimenez, Francisco; Dong, Jeffrey; Rubin, Daniel

Automated Verification of Care Pathways Using Constraint Programming
Figueiredo, Renan; Ferreira Filho, Joγo Bosco; Sousa, Flavio; Weber, Philip; Litchfield, Ian

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