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In this issue, vol. 24, issue 10, October 2020, 4 papers are published related to the topic Bioinformatics. Please click here to view them, with links in IEEE XPLORE.

PopPhy-CNN: A Phylogenetic Tree Embedded Architecture for Convolutional Neural Networks to Predict Host Phenotype from Metagenomic Data

Reiman, Derek; Metwally, Ahmed; Dai, Yang; Sun, Jun


Hyper-graph Regularized Constrained NMF for Selecting Differentially Expressed Genes  and Tumor Classification

Jiao, Cui-Na; Gao, Ying-Lian; Yu, Na; Liu, Jin-Xing; Qi, Lian-Yong


DeepAVP: a dual-channel deep neural network for identifying variable-length antiviral peptides

Li, Jiawei; Pu, Yuqian; Tang, Jijun; Zou, Quan; Guo, Fei


A Deep Learning-based Chemical System for QSAR Prediction

Hu, ShanShan; Chen, Peng; Gu, PengYing; Wang, Bing


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