Stay Informed on Technologies and Trends in Biomedical Engineering, Build a Collaborative Network of Peers, Advance Your Knowledge and Career

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) brings together biomedical engineers from across campus, clinic and industry to focus on advancing technology and medicine to develop new devices and equipment for improving human health.

The Society is committed to advancing the research and development work of biomedical engineers in a broad range of subfields including Bioinformatics, Biomechanics, Biomaterial, Biomedical optics, Tissue engineering, Genetic engineering, Neural engineering, Pharmaceutical engineering, Medical devices, Medical imaging, Implants, Bionics, Biomedical sensors, Clinical engineering, Rehabilitation engineering, Regulatory issues and more.

By joining EMBS you will have access to research and publications, professional learning, flagship and special topic conferences (online and face-to-face), technical community groups, career development (peer mentoring, conferences, and volunteer opportunities)

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Discover EMBS as a Member

  • With a thriving community of more than 8,654 individuals and organizations in approximately 97 countries, EMBS advances diversity in perspective, opinion, and representation in the field of biomedical engineering. Stay Informed on issues, technologies, and trends in the field of biomedical engineering by accessing cutting-edge research and publications. Leverage the expertise shared in technical communities and flagship and special topic conferences.

    Advance your knowledge by participating in mentorship programs and professional development on a wide range of topics and career levels.

    Get Special Pricing for our conferences and publications. As a member, you’ll enjoy discounted pricing on all of our conferences, professional learning offerings, and Open Access fees.

    • Jobs: Search the IEEE Job Site for positions matching your personal profile, post resumes and take an online test to determine your eligibility.
    • Travel: Make air, rail, rental car and hotel reservations with IEEE Travel Services and receive special discounts.
    • Insurance: Apply for group, healthcare and automobile insurance; financial, business and home services; as well as additional travel discounts through IEEE Financial Advantage.
    • Email: Get a free IEEE email alias and use your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the IEEE Personal Email Alias with Virus Scanning Service. If you change ISPs, simply update your email address online. No need to change your stationery or notify friends and family. And your email is scanned with anti-virus software, updated daily.
    • Publications: Access IEEE Spectrum free, as well as any IEEE abstract/citation record in IEEE Xplore®.
    • Consultants: Locate a technical consultant for your project in the IEEE-USA Consultants Database. There is no charge to search or post assignments.
    • Conferences: Find an IEEE sponsored or co-sponsored conference with the Conference Database Search. Many IEEE conferences offer online registration.
    • Documents: Get IEEE journal and transaction papers, magazine articles, and conference papers and documents from thousands of publishers, via email or fax, through the Ask*IEEE document delivery service.
    • History: Search the IEEE History Center library and archives for information on electrical and computer engineering and their roles in modern society.
  • The IEEE Young Professionals (formerly Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) program is an IEEE entity that provides benefits for young IEEE members after their Student Member status has expired. If you are an IEEE Member who graduated with your first professional degree within the last ten years, you are automatically part of IEEE Young Professionals. Around the world, there are over 47,000 members. The continuing goal of IEEE Young Professionals is to find out what students need from their Society at this particular stage of their careers and how their Society can in turn offer additional value for members.

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  • Students represent the next generation of leaders in biomedical engineering and the future of IEEE EMBS. Student chapters are a microcosm of IEEE EMBS, complete with their own voting representative on EMB’s Administrative Committee (AdCom), programming and needs for community, inspiration, and organization.

    Student Club and Chapter Benefits

    Forming an IEEE EMBS student club or chapter provides students with an essential link between student life and professional development. Guided by the Vice-President, Member & Student Activities, are part of a community of on-campus leaders that drive programming and events.

    Student members have access to leadership training and skills through their local club and chapter activities, connect directly with leaders in the field of biomedical engineering—both locally and internationally—and gain firsthand experience and exposure by volunteering at the annual International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference.

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