Major Project Initiative Funding

Pursue Major Initiatives* with EMBS Support

Chapters and Student Chapters can now request substantial funding for significant initiatives (including Seasonal Schools, Forums, Regional Meetings, Local Chapter Initiatives, and EMBS – Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) Projects, among others):

  1. Up to $ 5,000 for in-person or hybrid events.
  2. Up to $3000 for virtual events.

* Major Initiative proposals undergo review on a semi-annual basis:

Cycle 1 Initiatives: Events are held from July to December, with proposal submission typically in March of the same year.

Cycle 2 Initiatives: Events held from January to June, with proposal submission typically in October of the previous year.

Proposal Submission and Review:

To start, please complete the application form below and attach your proposed initiative budget. Your proposal will be reviewed by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and potential partners. Remember, all submissions must include the Chapter Driven Initiative Detailed Budget Form and the Application Form to be considered complete.

Submit a report at the end of the activity (with pictures) before claiming the reimbursement.

We are currently receiving applications for Cycle 1, with a deadline of April 5th.

Download Chapter Driven Initiative Detailed Budget Template

Download EMBS Major Initiatives Funding Request Application

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