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Emil Sidky

Associate Editor-in-Chief
E-mail: sidky@uchicago.edu

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Marie Jiang

Managing Editor
E-mail: marie4ieee@gmail.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Authors

  • Format your manuscript following the guidelines in the Prepare and Submit Manuscript page. Sign up for an account and login at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/embs-ieee.  In your Author Center, click on “Click here to Submit a New Manuscript”.  Follow the instructions listed, and fill out the online forms.


  • Once the first review has been entered for a manuscript a copy of the manuscript is sent to your Author Center with the R1 extension (e.g. 00101-2013.R1). Return to your Author Center and first view the comments of the Associate Editor and reviewers. You may enter any confidential comments to the editors in the Cover Letter box. Do not enter your response to reviewers in the text box provided, but submit it as a supporting document when upload your manuscript files. Again, authors submitting a revised manuscript are required to upload a pdf file stating how you have addressed review comments as a supporting document. Follow all the steps and make sure that you select the “View proof” button.  Only after looking at the proof will you be presented with a submit button.  The manuscript is not submitted unless you press this button. You will get a confirmation email.

  • There are two kinds of rejects. Manuscripts being of merits but requiring additional studies are rejected with encouragement of resubmission. We invite these authors to resubmit with a cover letter stating original manuscript number. Other protocol is similar to submission of revised manuscripts.  Manuscripts rejected without encouragement for resubmission are, in principle, discouraged to resubmit. If the authors feel that there is a reason justifying resubmission, consent must be obtained from the Editorial Office prior to resubmission.

  • You can submit in MS Word, or PDF format.  All files will be converted to PDF when you upload them.

  • Only the submitting author can upload the file onto ScholarOne Manuscript System. If you are the corresponding author, but not the submitting author, you will not be able to submit the revised manuscript or other documents.

    If the deadline has passed, you will not be able to make your final submission.

  • The copyright form can be found on our Forms page.

  • Besides the IEEE Copyright form, TBME requires the Page Charges form, Color Figure Consent form, and Author Consent form (if more than one author) during final submission when a manuscript is accepted. Visit the Forms page to download form files. Typed signature is sufficient when uploading the forms via Manuscript Central.

  • When you log into Manuscript Central and access your Author Center you will see a status bar with the title of all manuscripts you’ve submitted to Manuscript Central. On the right of the bar is the Processing Status. A status of “Under review” means that your manuscript is being reviewed.

For Reviewers

  • Your Reviewer Center contains a list of all manuscripts you are responsible for reviewing. At the far right under the Corresponding Author’s name is a button named “Review”.  Clicking this button will bring you to a screen entitled “Instructions for Reviewers”. Follow the prompts given and enter your scores and review of the manuscript where indicated.

  • There are two boxes that can be used for comments in the review form.  The comments in the first box will only go to the editors.  If there are comments that you want the author to see they should be typed/copied into the comments for author box.

  • You can upload a PDF file although this is not recommended. WORD files may reveal your identify so is highly discouraged. If there are comments on math equations which need to be expressed in a PDF file, please put “see uploaded file” in the box for author comments.

  • If authors do not submit response to review as a supporting document but enter into the text box, such responses would link with the previous version of submission instead of the revision. You can click “authors’ response” in the previous submission in your Reviewer Center.