R10 SYWL Congress 2018

R10 SYWL Congress 2018 150 150 IEEE EMBS

R10 Students/Young Professionals/Women in Engineering/Life Member Congress 2018 in Bali, Indonesia

Reported by Muhammad Hamza Ihtisham, IEEE Lahore Section
Life has always been kind to me and it again showed it’s kindness when IEEE R10 Students/Young Professionals/Women in Engineering/Life Member Congress 2018 announced its closure which was going to be held on Sep 2, 2018 in Bali, Indonesia and I was going to attend it. It was like a dream come true. I always dreamt of representing my department and university at such great a platform. So, the conference began and the mighty theme of that was “Collaborative Innovation for Society Development”. I was astonished to see that R10 SYWL Congress is such a grand platform where students, professionals and many other people from all over the Asia and Pacific congregated under one roof and shared their accomplishments. IEEE’s distinguished and vigorous volunteers talked on different themes in different sessions. Partitions of sessions on different ideas were so assembled and everything was perfectly organized that it made me feel proud and lucky to be there. There were 4 pathways (Students, YP, WIE, and Life Member) on 1st day of Congress and other 4 pathways (Academia, Industry, Humanitarian, IEEE Activities by IEEE Technical Chapters) on the 2nd day of congress.
To my surprise, there was a huge number of great many people who were adding something to this field. More than three hundred undergraduate students, young professionals and experts amalgamated in this SYWL Congress 2018 that was co-chaired by Kurnianingsih from Politeknik Negeri Semarang, Indonesia and Ford Lumban Gaol from Binus University, Indonesia. Deepak Mathur from Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India served as the general chair of R10 SYWL Congress 2018.

Picture 1: SYWL Congress 2018 delegation with IEEE CEO & President James Jefferies, R10 Director Kukjin Chun and many others.

IEEE EMB Delegation Meetup at IEEE SYWL Congress 2018

10 Students and 5 Professional EMB Members from different sections of R10 discoursed their EMB happenings in respective section. I, Muhammad Hamza Ihtisham, won IEEE IAS Myron Zucker Undergraduate Design Award 2018 and got a chance to discuss my project which is based on BioMedical Robot with delegates and asked for their views and reviews. At the end EMB Members discussed how IEEE EMB Membership can be improved at student level. It was a very fine and healthy discussion that lead us to find a solution in this regard. Everyone agreed on starting orientation and awareness seminars of IEEE EMB at different student events to engage more students in EMB and to make it a vast field.

Picture 2 IEEE EMB Student Meetup

Views by Dr. Nida Iqbal from IEEE Lahore Section “EMBS is less popular in Pakistan and even during sywl10 also have few members of IEEE EMBS. However during the event we get to know many people are interested in EMBS society and want to work in collaboration to organize joint awareness seminars and workshops. We have to arrange the workshop conference on collaboration with international level.”
Views by Saaveethya Sivakumar from IEEE Malaysia Section “It’s indeed a pleasure in meeting EMB delegates at R10 SYWL Congress 2018 Bali. To best of my knowledge, this is in fact the first EMB meetup we had at R10 SYWL congress. Thanks to Muhammad Hamza for coordinating. As we are part of region 10, the biggest region in IEEE, it would be great if we could organize similar EMB networking activities in regional level events, which will set a platform to further strengthen bonds among EMB members.”
Views by Abhishek Appaji from IEEE Bangalore Section “IEEE EMB is unique and emerging technical chapter for Engineers and Doctors and Bio-Medical Engineering is new future in next few years. I also thanks to all IEEE EMB delegates for playing their important roles in the field of Bio-Medicals. Good Luck all.”
Views by Cindy Lai from Malaysia Section “IEEE EMB is very supportive in terms of funding especially in student events. This helped as lot in making the events more successful and we hope that IEEE EMB are able to keep up this practice. ”
Views by Muhammad Hamza Ihtisham from IEEE Lahore Section “I feel honored and proud to be a part of EMB. It not only gave me a chance to enhance my knowledge but also introduced me to a new perspective of seeing life and also it helped me gaining a lot of new ideas to be master of my field. I wish to be a part of IEEE EMB Conferences, I also want to congratulate everyone who attended this congress, especially its organizers to make this congress a successful event and really thankful to all IEEE EMB Delegation for meetup. I would be honor for me if I play my essential role in the development and awareness of IEEE EMB among students. ”

Picture 3 EMB Delegation on Cultural Night at SYWL Congress 2018