2017 IEEE EMBC Women in Engineering (WIE) Luncheon

2017 IEEE EMBC Women in Engineering (WIE) Luncheon 900 675 IEEE EMBS

The following are notes from the 2017 IEEE EMBC Women in Engineering Luncheon:
Few lines from our speakers

  • Top-down support from the society
  • Attitude to/from people are important (over-sensitive vs. being aware). Don’t overreact but bring the matter back. Be internally strong and earn respect.
  • Work-life balance – we cannot sacrifice just because of societal misjudgment. We have to love ourselves first.
  • Mentor (role model) – doesn’t have to be women!
  • Be assertive – communicate professionally
  • Having ‘help’ is important in work/life balance – try to pay it back to others though!
  • Lack of confidence – don’t be enemies to ourselves.

Questions/comments raised during the event

  • Finding a mentor is difficult especially in an interdisciplinary environment – can EMBS help with this?
  • Networking afterwards?
  • Need to involve male faculty members also. Half of the input is missing.
  • Would be good to have a panel discussion at the future EMBC at sessions that are open to all (e.g. at opening ceremony)