With 122 chapters worldwide, 47 student branch chapters and 18 student clubs, EMBS has a wide variety of chapters and networking opportunities for its members. Chapters provide local activities such as workshops, tutorials, and speaker talks for members who may not have the opportunity to attend other worldwide EMB activities.

Chapters are broken out into the following Geographic Areas:

  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East / Africa
  • Latin America
  • North America (including Canada)

Chapter Funding Requirements


EMBS funding is available only to EMBS Chapters, EMBS Student Branch Chapters and EMBS Student Clubs. Matching funds of up to $500 for clubs and up to $1000 for chapters are available to those Chapters/Clubs interested in hosting an event. The matching ratio is 2:1, with EMBS providing up to twice the amount raised from some other source. A limited amount of funding is available, so please get your requests in early.

If EMBS funding is sought to support Chapter or Section for a particular meeting, matching funds should be requested in advance. This way, the EMBS Executive Office is aware of the event, they can confirm the funds are available and can promote it accordingly. The following procedure should occur:

The hosting chapter or section should first write to the EMBS Executive Office with a request for funding, when submitting request, please provide the following information:

  • Description of the activity for which funding is required
  • Statement of objectives
  • A Program detailing the event
  • A letter with supporting documents indicating the amount of money raised from other sources
  • Fill out the Chapter Activity Funding Request Form

Chapter Awards

2018 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards: Congratulations!

Outstanding Performance Award EMBS Chapter
EMBS Turkey Chapter

Outstanding Performance Award EMBS Student Chapter/Club
EMBS Student Chapter CICB Concepción

EMBS Best New Student Chapter/Club
EMBS UIC Student Branch-University of Illinois at Chicago, EMB18

2017 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards: Congratulations!

EMBS Best New Student Branch Chapter-Club
KSRCT IEEE – EMBS Student Branch Chapter, India

EMBS Outstanding Student Branch Chapter-Club
Carleton University EMB Student Club

2015 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards: Congratulations!

EMBS Best New Student Branch Chapter-Club
IEEE EMBS Student Chapter, Munich

EMBS Outstanding Student Branch Chapter-Club
IEEE EMBS Student Branch Chapter-Club MSRIT (Ramaiash Institute of Technology)

EMBS Best New Chapter
IEEE EMBS Student Chapter, Quebec

EMBS Outstanding Chapter
IEEE EMBS Student Chapter, Malaysia

2014 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards: Congratulations!

EMBS Best New Student Branch Chapter or Club Award
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Student Branch Chapter at Fundacao Universidade Fereral do ABC, São Paulo, Brazil

EMBS Outstanding Student Branch Chapter or Club Award
VIT Student Branch Chapter Vellore Institute of Technology, Chile

EMBS Outstanding Chapter Award
IEEE EMBS Bangalore Chapter

2013 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards: Congratulations!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards.

EMBS Best New Chapter Award
IEEE EMBS Shanghai Chapter

EMBS Outstanding Chapter Award

EMBS Best New Student Branch Chapter or Club Award
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Student Branch Chapter at Hashemite University

EMBS Outstanding Student Branch Chapter or Club Award
CICB Concepcion, Chile – EMBS Student Club

2012 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards: Congratulations!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 IEEE EMBS Chapter Awards.

2012 IEEE EMBS Outstanding Chapter Award
Malaysia Chapter

Chapter Information

EMBS Chapter Map

Albuquerque Section Chapter, EMB18/SMC28
Vincent Calhoun, chair (
Formed: 27-Jan-2007
1101 Yale Blvd NE
Albuquerque NM USA 87106

Baltimore Section Chapter,EMB18
Carole Carey, chair (
Formed: 24-Sep-1986
Fulton MD USA 20759-9639

Bangladesh Section Chapter, EMB18
Khondaker Mamun, chair (
Formed: 29-Jul-2015
United International University
Dhaka Bangladesh 1209

Beijing Section Chapter, EMB18
Jie Tian, chair (
Formed: 29-Jul-2006
Beijing China 100080

Benelux Section Chapter,EMB18
Bart Vanrumste, chair (
Formed: 16-Sep-2005
Haaksbergen Netherlands 7481 CV

Buenaventura Section Chapter,EMB18
Robert Rumer, chair (
Formed: 18-May-2004
Los Angeles CA USA 90025-3723

Central Indiana Section Chapter, EMB18
Helen McNally, chair (
Formed: 08-Dec-1989
410 West 10th Street
Suite 1000
Indianapolis IN USA 46202
Phone:+1 317 759 4204

Centro Occidente Section Chapter,EMB18
Rodolfo Gonzalez, chair (
Formed: 05-Dec-2006
Michoacan MICH Mexico 58880

Centro-Norte Section Jt Chapter, ED15/MTT17/EMB18
Mariana Bernardes, chair (
Formed: 13-Mar-2007
Brasilia Distrito Federal Brazil 70752-090

Chicago Section Chapter, EMB18
Kazutaka Takahashi, chair (
Formed: 12-Dec-1956
1318 W Grenshaw St Unit A
Chicago IL USA 60607-4805
Phone:+1 312 996 7620
Fax: +1 847 576 2111

Coastal Los Angeles Section Chapter, EMB18
C Druzgalski, chair (
Formed: 19-Nov-1954
1250 N Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach CA USA 90840-0004
Phone:+1 562 985 8054

Colombia Section Chapter, EMB18
John Muñoz Montenegro, chair (
Formed: 25-Mar-2005
Bogota Colombia

Costa Rica Section Chapter, EMB18
Allan Orozco, chair (
Formed: 13-Dec-2010
Universidad de Costa Rica
San Jose San Pedro de Montes de Oca Costa Rica 101001
Phone:(506) 63191815

Croatia Section Chapter, EMB18
Mario Cifrek, chair (
Formed: 24-Jul-2006
Zagreb Croatia 10000

Cyprus Section Jt. Chapter, EMB18/SP01
Efthyvoulos Kyriacou, chair (
Formed: 22-Apr-2009
Paphos Cyprus 8270

Czechoslovakia Section Chapter, EMB18
Elena Cocherova, chair ()
Formed: 14-Aug-2006
Praha 6 Czech Republic 166 27

Dallas Section Chapter, EMB18
Zhanjun Li, chair ( )
Formed: 25-Jul-2006
Plano TX USA 75025-6101

Delhi Section Chapter,IM09/EMB18
V Singh, chair (
Formed: 27-May-2005
New Delhi India 11014

Denver Section Chapter, EMB18
James Harrer, chair (
Formed: 17-Jun-1964
Golden CO USA 80401-6500

East Tennessee Section Chapter, EMB18
Justin Baba, chair (
Formed: 28-Jul-2006
655 Brochardt Blvd
Knoxville TN USA 37934-0866
Phone:+1 865 574 8521

Eastern No. Carolina Sect. Chapter, EMB18
Liyun Yu, chair (
Formed: 23-Jul-1990
Chapel Hill NC USA 27517-4931

Egypt Section Chapter,EMB18
AHMED MORSY, chair (
Formed: 17-Oct-2006
Cairo Egypt

Estonia Section Jt Chapter, IM09/ED15/EMB18
Toomas Parve, chair (
Formed: 24-Apr-2007
M&T Electronics Ltd
Po Box 936
Tallinn Estonia 13402
Phone:+372 63397 983

Florida West Coast Section Chapter,EMB18
Sylvia Thomas, chair (
Formed: 31-Jan-2007
Clearwater FL USA 33756-6121

France Section Chapter,EMB18
Noury Norbert, chair (
Formed: 29-Oct-2004
Brest cedex 3 France 29238

Gainesville Section Chapter,EMB18/COM19
Johannes Van Oostrom, chair (
Formed: 10-Apr-2006
University of Florida/BME
PO Box 116131
Gainesville FL USA 32611-0001
Phone:+1 352 273-9315

Germany/Austria/Switzerland, EMB18
Thomas Penzel, chair (
Formed: 21-Mar-1991
Berlin Germany D-10117

Greece Section Chapter, EMB18
Dimitrios Fotiadis, chair (
Formed: 26-Jul-2006
Ioannina Greece GR-45110

Hong Kong Macau Jt. Sections Chapter, EMB18
Chung Tin, chair ( )
Formed: 25-Jul-2006
EEE Dept, The University of Hong Kong
HK Island Hong Kong

Houston Section Chapter,EMB18
Javed Khan, chair (
Formed: 26-Jun-1958
Houston TX USA 77204-0001

Indonesia Section Chapter,EMB18
Soegija Soegijoko, chair (
Formed: 20-Apr-2006
Jalan Cimanuk 7
Bandung Indonesia 40115
Phone:+62 22 2534117
Fax: +62 22 2501895

Italy Section Chapter, EMB18
Sergio Cerutti, chair (
Formed: 26-Jul-2006
Milano Italy 20133

Kansas City Section Chapter, EMB18
Adrienne Anderson, chair (
Formed: 25-Jul-2006
Stilwell KS USA 66085-9002

Kerala Section Chapter, EMB18
Koruthu Varughese, chair (
Formed: 01-Jul-2014
Kumarapuram Trivandrum India 695011

Kharagpur Section Chapter, EMB18
Anirban Mukherjee, chair (
Formed: 01-Feb-2015
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Kharagpur West Bengal India 721302

Kingston Section Jt. Chapter, CS23/EMB18/RA24
Keyvan HashtrudiZaad, chair (
Formed: 29-May-2008
Kingston ON Canada K7L 3N6

Kitchener-Waterloo Section Chap,EMB18
Shahed Shahir, chair (
Formed: 09-Feb-2006
Waterloo ON Canada N2V 2H5

Lebanon Section Chapter, EMB18
Mohamad Khalil, chair (
Formed: 18-Aug-2014
Tripoli Lebanon

London Section Chapter, EMB18
Terence Peters, chair ( )
Formed: 08-May-2010
London ON Canada N6G 4N8

Long Island Section Chapter,EMB18
Glenn Luchen, chair (
Formed: 31-Jul-2006
Huntington NY USA 11743-2945

Madras Section Chapter, EMB18
Santhanaraj Balakrishnan, chair (
Formed: 29-Jul-2006
Pollachi Tamilnadu India 642001

Malaysia Section Chapter,EMB18
Wahidah Mansor, chair (
Formed: 17-Apr-2008
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
UTM Skudai Malaysia 81310

Memphis Section Chapter, EMB18
Bashir Morshed, chair (
Formed: 04-Oct-1960
Bartlett TN USA 38135-1680

Miami Section Chapter, EMB18
Sakhrat Khizroev, chair (
Formed: 13-Feb-1968
Miami FL USA 33186-7879

Milwaukee Section Chapter, EMB18
Jeffrey LaMack, chair (
Formed: 12-Dec-1961
Milwaukee School of Engineering

EECS Department
Phone: +1 414 277 7535

Montreal Section Chapter, EMB18
Diego GuarinLopez, chair (
Formed: 10-Apr-1956
Les Coteaux QC Canada J7X 1H5

Morelos/Mexico Section Chapter, EMB18
R Leder, chair (
Formed: 24-Mar-1992
Adolfo Prieto 1241
Mexico Mexico 3100
Phone:+1 206 984 2509
Fax: +1 206 984 2509

New Brunswick Section Jt. Chapter, SP01/EMB18
Erik Scheme, chair (
Formed: 06-Apr-2016
Fredericton NB Canada E3B 5A3

New Hampshire/Green Mountain/Maine Jt Chap,EMB18
Jason H Bates, chair (
Formed: 01-Jan-2014
Nashua NH USA 03064-1935

New Hampshire/Green Mountain/Maine Jt Chap,EMB18
Rosemary Smith, chair (
Formed: 01-Jan-2014
Nashua NH USA 03064-1935

New Hampshire/Green Mountain/Maine Jt Chap,EMB18
Michelle Runge, chair (
Formed: 01-Jan-2014
Nashua NH USA 03064-1935

New Orleans Section Chapter, EMB18
Yu-Ping Wang, chair (
Formed: 07-Nov-1990
New Orleans LA USA 70118-5665

New South Wales Section Chapter, EMB18
Stefan Mozar, chair (
Formed: 29-Jul-2006
Sydney NSW Australia 2153

New York Section, EMB18
Matthew Irwin, chair (
Formed: 23-Oct-2012
New York NY USA 10011-3636

New Zealand North Section Chapter, EMB18
Hamid Gholam-Hosseini, chair (
Formed: 09-Aug-2006
Auckland New Zealand 1020

Oklahoma City Section Joint Chap,TEM14/EMB18
Tom Jobe, chair (
Formed: 01-Jan-2015
Nomadics, Inc.
Oklahoma City OK USA 73104-3623

Orange County Section Chapter, EMB18
John Collins, chair (
Formed: 24-Jun-2006
5200 Engineering Hall
Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Irvine CA USA 92697-2700

Ottawa Section Chapter, EMB18
Sreeraman Rajan, chair (
Formed: 14-Apr-1993
Kanata ON Canada K2M 2X9

Panama Section Chapter, EMB18
Adda Urena, chair (
Formed: 23-Sep-2009
Panama Panama Panama

Peru Section Chapter, EMB18
Roberto Lavarello, chair (
Formed: 21-Oct-2009

Lima Lima Peru lima 5

Philadelphia Section Chapter,EMB18
Donald Mceachron, chair (
Formed: 07-Jun-1955
Newtown PA USA 18940-1467

Pittsburgh Section Chapter,EMB18
Stephen Mozelewski, chair (
Formed: 08-Dec-2000
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States

Poland Section Chapter, EMB18
Ewaryst Tkacz, chair (
Formed: 27-Jul-2006
Gliwice Poland 44-100

Portugal Section Chapter,EMB18
Antonio Morgado, chair (
Formed: 05-Dec-2006
IEEE Portugal Section
Avenida Professor Dr. Cavaco Silva
Lisbon Portugal

Princeton-Central Jersey Section Chapter,EMB18
John Li, chair (
Formed: 08-Feb-1975
Piscataway NJ USA 08854-5610

Providence Section Chap,EMB18
Benjamin Mcpheron, chair (
Formed: 13-Oct-2006
PO Box 527
Chepachet RI USA 02814-0527

Puebla Section Chapter, EMB18
Jose Diaz Mendez, chair (
Formed: 02-Mar-2016
Puebla PUE Mexico 72000

Quebec Section Jt. Chapter, EMB18/CAS04
Benoit Gosselin, chair (
Formed: 27-May-2014
Universite Laval, ECE
Quebec QC Canada G1V 0A6

Queensland Section Chapter, EMB18
Mohanraj Karunanithi, chair (
Formed: 24-Jul-2008
Herson QLD Australia 4029

Richmond Section Jt. Chapter, MAG33/EMB18
Magundappa Hadimani, chair (
Formed: 29-Feb-2016
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond VA USA 23284-9097

Rochester Section Chapter,EMB18
Cristian Linte, chair ( )
Formed: 14-Feb-1967
Rochester NY USA 14627-0001

Romania Section Chapter, EMB18
Alexandru Morega, chair (
Formed: 12-Mar-2007
Bucharest, 010828 Romania

Russia-Siberia Section Chapter, EMB18
Vladimir Makukha, chair (
Formed: 26-Jul-2006
Novosibirsk Siberia Russia 630132

Sacramento Valley Section Chapter, EMB18
Warren Smith, chair ( )
Formed: 24-Jun-2006
Cal. State Univ E E Dept Ms 6019
Sacramento CA USA 95819-2605

Saint Louis Section Chapter, EMB18/MTT17/PHO36
Satya Mishra, chair (
Washington Univ Campus Box 1097
Saint Louis MO USA 63130-4862

San Diego Section Chapter,EMB18
Upkar Dhaliwal, chair (
Formed: 28-May-2004
Carmel Mountian Rd
San Diego CA USA 92130

San Fernando Valley Section Chapter, EMB18
Chantal McMahon, chair (
Formed: 06-Jan-2006
Northridge CA USA 91325

San Francisco Section Chapter,EMB18
Alex Matov, chair (
Formed: 02-April-2018
DataSet Analysis
San Francisco CA USA 94111

Shanghai Section Chapter, EMB18
Shanbao Tong, chair (
Formed: 30-Nov-2012
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Shanghai China 200240

Singapore Section Chapter,EMB18
Chee Kong Chui, chair (
Formed: 25-Aug-2004
Singapore Singapore 138632

South Africa Section Chapter, EMB18
Dawie van den Heever, chair (
Formed: 01-Feb-2016
Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering
Stellenbosch Western Cape South Africa 7600

South Brazil Section Jt. Chapter,EMB18/CS23
Renato Garcia, chair (
Formed: 15-Mar-1989
Florianopolis Brazil 88040-970

Southeastern Michigan Section Chapter,EMB18
Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, chair (
Formed: 26-Nov-2001
Ann Arbor MI USA 48103-9345

Southern Alberta Section Chapter, EMB18
Lawrence Whitby, chair (
Formed: 19-Jun-1991

Calgary AB Canada T2A 7W4

Southern Minnesota Section Chapter, EMB18
David Holmes, chair ( )
Formed: 27-Jan-2007

Rochester MN USA 55906-4058

Sweden Section Chapter, EMB18
Fernando Seoane Martinez, chair (
Formed: 27-Jul-2006
Lund Sweden SE-22100

Switzerland Section Chapter, EMB18
Volker Koch, chair (
Formed: 26-Sep-2008
Biel/Bienne Switzerland 2501

Tainan Section Chap,EMB18
Kuo-Sheng Cheng, chair (
Formed: 17-Oct-2006
Tainan Taiwan 701

Taipei Chapter, EMB18
Jyh-Horng Chen, chair (
Formed: 29-Jul-2006
Taipei, Taiwan 106
Phone: +886 2 3366-3517

Tokyo Section/Japan Council Jt. Chapter, EMB18
Kohji Masuda, chair (
Formed: 10-Mar-1970
Niigata-Shi Niigata Japan 950-2181

Toronto Section Chapter, EMB18
Benjamin Mak, chair (
Formed: 20-Jul-2006
Toronto ON Canada M5V 3M2

Tunisia Section Chapter, EMB18
Mounir Ben Ayed, chair (
Formed: 03-Aug-2009
Sfax Tunisia 3003

UK and Ireland Section Chapter, EMB18
C James, chair (
Formed: 30-Oct-1998
Coventry United Kingdom CV4 7AL

United Arab Emirates Section Chapter, EMB18
Hasan Al-Nashash, chair (
Formed: 11-Feb-2009
Department of Electrical Engineering
American University of Sharjah
PO Box 26666
Sharjah United Arab Emirates
Fax: +971-6-525-2979

Uruguay Section Chapter,EMB18/CS23/SSC37
Enrique Ferreira, chair (
Formed: 26-May-2005

Montevideo Uruguay 11400

Vancouver Section Chap,EMB18
Sara Khosravi, chair (
Formed: 16-Jul-2004
Vancouver BC Canada V6T 1Z4

Victorian Section Chapter, EMB18
Mehrnaz Shoushtarian, chair (
Formed: 28-May-1998
Monash University
Clayton VIC Australia 3800

Washington/No VA Jt Sections Chapter,EMB18
Debi Siering, chair (
Formed: 28-Jun-1967
PO Box 2055
Reston VA USA 20195-0055
Phone:+1 703 883 7020

Winnipeg Section Chapter, EMB18
Sergio Camorlinga, chair (
Formed: 09-Apr-1981
Winnipeg MB Canada R3T 5V6


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