For Reviewers

Per your agreement with the Associate Editor, you have agreed to complete the review within three weeks of the email date. Reminders of deadlines will be sent automatically from Manuscript Central in pursuit of this deadline. Any questions you may have about this manuscript or the review process should be directed to the Associate Editor.

The primary objective is to obtain a high quality, fair review of the manuscript. Please complete the review within three weeks. If you are unable to meet this schedule, please advise the Associate Editor of an approximate date that you can complete review. We know you are extremely busy but this peer review service is valuable and necessary to research and publication efforts.

Please submit your completed review via the Reviewer Center in Manuscript Central.

Your completed review should include the following:

  • Your recommendation:
    • Accept without changes,
    • Accept – may resubmit after mandatory revision (Minor or Major), or
    • Reject – with or without encouragement to submit a new paper;
  • Ratings of various categories;
  • Comments to be sent to the author: General Comments, Mandatory Changes, Suggested Changes;
  • Any comments to the Editor which will not be sent to the author.

Please include comments to the author to support your ratings and recommendation, without identifying yourself.

Be assured that your comments will remain anonymous. Please include objective, helpful and considerate comments. If you are recommending mandatory changes, please be clear as to what should be done to make the paper acceptable. If the author chooses to revise the paper, you may be asked to re-review the manuscript at a future time to see if your concerns were addressed. You may also include separate comments about the paper for consideration by the Editor (EIC). More detailed information can be found in the Guide for Reviewers.