Blockchain and Healthcare Computing

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With the development of society, health has received increasing attentions. The development of science and technology has also promoted the protection of health. In recent years, the rapid development of computing and networking technologies has improved the ability to collect, measure, and analyze health-related data, and thus tremendous opportunities have opened up for healthcare computing. Meanwhile, these technologies have also brought new challenges and issues. For example, patients’ diagnostic records stored in hospital management systems may be tampered with, which may affect the patients’ health management and insurance compensation. Blockchain has received increasing attention from academia and industry in recent years. It enables transparent interactions of different parties in a more secure and trusted network. The traceability of blockchain allows data to be retained on the blockchain from every step of the data generation process, to endorse the quality of the data and to ensure the correctness of data analysis and mining. The content recorded in the blockchain cannot be tampered with, so it can be used to record important information in health management, provide accurate and reliable health knowledge for network users, and provide accurate information for auditing.

This special issue aims to attract contributions from academic and industrial organizations addressing emerging issues in blockchain and healthcare computing (blockchain combined with computing for healthcare).

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The design and implementation of testbed and infrastructure of blockchain in computing for healthcare
  • Blockchain and medical devices
  • Blockchain and wearables (mobile healthcare with blockchain)
  • Access control of healthcare information based on blockchain
  • Blockchain for data collection and analysis in healthcare computing
  • Blockchain for communication network management in healthcare computing
  • Payment system based on blockchain in healthcare
  • Accountability in healthcare computing based on blockchain
  • Privacy in healthcare computing based on blockchain
  • Theories about blockchain evolution in healthcare computing

Guest Editors

Yulei Wu
University of Exeter, UK

Zheng Yan, Xidian
University, China; Aalto University, Finland

F. Richard Yu
Carleton University, Canada

Robert Deng
Singapore Management University, Singapore

Vijay Varadharajan
The University of Newcastle, Australia

Wei Chen
Fudan University, China

Key Dates

Deadline for Submission: 1 Oct, 2019
First Reviews Due: 1 Dec, 2019
Revised Manuscript Due: 1 Feb, 2020
Final Decision: 1 April, 2020

Download Call for Papers (PDF)