2014 Best Reviewers

Dr. Rute AlmeidaDr. Rute Almeida
Centro de Matemática da Universidade do Porto, Departamento de Matemática da FCUP, Porto, Portugal
Research Interests:
Advanced signal processing, time series, stochastic processes; Automatic biomedical signals processing; ECG, autonomic nervous system; Critical illness.

Dr. Christoph BrueserDr. Christoph Brueser
Bosch Sensortec, Reutlingen, Germany
Research Interests:
(Bio-)signal processing, sensor fusion, unobtrusive physiological monitoring, ballistocardiography.

Dr. Paulo Fernando Pereira de CarvalhoDr. Paulo Fernando Pereira de Carvalho
Department of Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Research Interests:
Bio-signal processing, Pattern recognition, Intelligent algorithms for clinical diagnosis and decision support, Clinical Informatics, pHealth.

Dr. Zhili ChenDr. Zhili Chen
Faculty of Information and Control Engineering, Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang, China
Research Interests:
Digital image processing, pattern recognition, mammographic image analysis, and microcalcification classification.

Dr. Sabine van HuffelDr. Sabine van Huffel
Department of Electrical Engineering, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Research Interests:
Classification and prediction modeling, and (non)linear signal analysis and pattern recognition.

Dr. Delaram JarchiDr. Delaram Jarchi
Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London, UK
Research Interests:
Biomedical signal processing, machine learning, and body sensor network.

Dr. Rami N. KhushabaDr. Rami N. Khushaba
Applied Research – ResMed Ltd, Bella Vista, Australia
Research Interests:
Myoelectric Control, Muscle-Computer Interfaces, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Driver Drowsiness/fatigue, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Human Factors.

Dr. Ashnil Kumar Dr. Ashnil Kumar
Biomedical and Multimedia (BMIT) Research Group, School of Information Technologies, Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, University of Sydney, Australia
Research Interests:
Medical image analysis, content-based medical image retrieval, medical data visualization, computer-aided diagnosis, graph modeling, visual analytics.

Dr. Juha PärkkäDr. Juha Pärkkä
VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland
Research Interests:
Biomedical signal processing, data analysis, classification, software development and quality assurance.

Dr. Avan SuinesiaputraDr. Avan Suinesiaputra
Department of Anatomy with Radiology, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Research Interests:
Statistical shape analysis, cardiac motion modeling, computational anatomy, computer-aided diagnosis, medical image analysis.

Dr. James R. WilliamsonDr. James R. Williamson
Bioengineering Systems and Technologies Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Research Interests:
Biomedical predictive analytics, signal processing, machine learning, cortical processing.