Past Technical Field Awards Recipients


Vince Calhoun
Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Emory University, USA
For contributions to data-driven processing of multimodal brain imaging and genetic data.

Allison Okamura
Stanford University, USA
For the breakthrough technological developments in the field of medical robotics, including designing novel haptic feedback to enhance human performance and opening new pathways for soft robotics.


Elisa Konofagou
Columbia University, USA
For outstanding and pioneering contributions in the field of ultrasound imaging and therapy, and their application and clinical translation to the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, tumor diagnosis and treatment as well as brain drug delivery and stimulation.

Tony Jun Huang
Duke University, USA
For his pioneering work on developing acoustic tweezers, which are capable of precisely manipulating bioparticles across a broad size range in complex fluids, enabling many applications in biomedical research.


Elliot McVeigh
For recognition of his outstanding and pioneering contributions to the advance of the magnetic resonance field in cardiac studies, with many seminal works now translated in the clinical practice.

Ellis Fan-Chuin Meng
For outstanding contributions to biomedical microelectromechanical systems and their applications in drug delivery, microsensors, and neural interfaces.


Guang-Zhong Yang
For outstanding contributions to medical imaging and robotics technology that have transformed minimally invasive surgery.

Anant Madabhushi
For contributions in computer aided diagnosis, pattern recognition, machine learning and image analysis tools for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment response prediction of disease from digital pathology and radiographic images.


Steven Boppart
For foundational advances in optical biomedical imaging and translation of optical imaging technologies into clinical applications and use.

Jeffrey Fessler
For fundamental and pioneering contributions to the theory and algorithms of statistical reconstruction methods of the PET/ SPECT, CT and MRI medical imaging modalities.


Nigell Lovell
For world class contributions to research, clinical trialing, and commercialization of medical device technologies and wearable sensors including visual prostheses, telehealth systems and ambulatory falls monitors.

Russell H. Taylor
For contributions and leadership in the field of medical robotics.


Brian T. Cunningham
For development and commercialization of optics-based biosensors and detection instruments for applications in drug discovery, diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and life science research.

Zhi-Pei Liang
For fundamental and pioneering contributions to the theory, algorithms, and biomedical applications of model-based magnetic resonance imaging.


Nicolas Chbat
For contributions to advancing Intensive Care Unit cardiopulmonary medicine based on inventions that include non-invasively estimating breathing work, staging acute respiratory syndrome and kidney injury and modeling of disease predictors significant contributions to the development of micro and nanoscale biosensors.

Ali Khademhosseini
For pioneering contributions at the interface between engineering, biomaterials and biological sciences, especially applications of microand nanoengineered biomaterials for regenerative medicine.


Rashid Bashir
For significant contributions to the development of micro and nanoscale biosensors.


Michael Unser
For outstanding contributions to signal and image processing with applications in biomedical imaging.

Lihong Wang
For seminal contributions to ultrasonically enabled biophotonic imaging and modeling of photon transport in biological tissue.


Xiaochuan Pan
For significant contributions to medical imaging.

Kenji Sunagawa
For significant contributions to neuroengineering.

Nitish Thakor
For significant contributions to cardiovascular engineering.