W. Joseph

Department of Information Technology, Ghent University/IMEC, Ghent, Belgium

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Stimulation Pattern Efficiency in Percutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation: Experimental versus Numerical data
Percutaneous electrical stimulation of the auricular vagus nerve (pVNS) is an electroceutical technology. Stimulation patterns are empirical, which may lead to under-stimulation or over-stimulation. The objective is to assess the experimental efficiency of different stimulation patterns in volunteers and to compare it with in-silico ear models. Monophasic (MS), biphasic (BS) and a novel triphasic stimulation (TS) patterns were tested. TS indicates experimental superiority over BS which is superior to MS. Numerical results indicate a slight superiority of BS and TS over MS. TS yields the highest number of asynchronous action impulses. The study favors the novel TS pattern... Read more