Paul M. Matthews

Paul M. Matthews OBE, MD, DPhil, FRCP, FMed- Sci is Head of the new Division of Brain Sciences in the Department of Medicine of Imperial College, London. His research is noted for innovative translational applications of clinical imaging for the neurosciences. This has developed with exploitation of the powerful synergies between the physical and quantitative sciences and medicine.

Associated articles

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Mixed Neural Network Approach for Temporal Sleep Stage Classification
      This paper proposes a practical approach to addressing limitations posed by using of single-channel electroencephalography (EEG) for sleep stage classification. EEG-based characterizations of sleep stage progression contribute the diagnosis and monitoring of the many pathologies of sleep. Several prior reports... Read more
TMI, Featured Articles
Learning-Based Quality Control for Cardiac MR Images
The effectiveness of a cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) scan depends on the ability of the operator to correctly tune the acquisition parameters to the subject being scanned and on the potential occurrence of imaging artifacts, such as cardiac and respiratory... Read more