Pedro D. Arini

Pedro D. Arini ( is with the University of Buenos Aires and CONICET.

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope July/August 2014
Scientific Discoveries and Technological Inventions: Their Relativistic History Effect
In the theory of relativity (TR), time dilation is a difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from gravitational fields [1], [2]. It means that astronauts return from space... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope November/December 2014
Intracardiac Pressure–Volume Diagrams and Their Links with Thermodynamics
Work and energy, power and efficiency, all four involve concepts that seemingly belong only to machines… but much before they popped out of fire and coal, live beings possessed and used them as essential life-supporting intrinsic attributes. The main objective of... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope July/August 2016
Mathematics does not really exist, for it is a creation of the Human Mind, and, in that respect, it approaches a Supreme Idea, as some kind of Divine Enlightenment. The origins of convolution and its further and rather complex historical development... Read more