Michael C. Ridding

Michael C. Ridding obtained his PhD in neuroscience from the Institute of Neurology (University of London) and is now holds a Professorial Research Fellowship in the Robinson Research Institute and Adelaide Medical School at the University of Adelaide. His work is supported by funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Centre and the Australian Research Council. His main research interest is focused on using non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, including transcranial magnetic stimulation, to investigate human neuroplasticity and its potential contribution to the pathophysiology of conditions characterized by neurological and cognitive defecits (stroke, chronic pain, dementia and neurodevelopmental disorders). Professor Ridding is the current President of the Australasian Brain Stimulation Society.

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Reaction Time Predicts Brain-Computer Interface Aptitude
     There is evidence that 15–30% of the general population cannot effectively operate brain–computer interfaces (BCIs). Thus the BCI performance predictors are critically required to pre-screen participants. Current neurophysiological and psychological tests either require complicated equipment or suffer from subjectivity. Thus,... Read more