Jorge Saltor

Jorge Saltor ( was formerly with the Universidad Nacional Tucumán, Argentina.

Associated articles

IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope May/June 2018
Does Schopenhauer’s Epistemology Back Up Current Bioengineering and Biotechnology Trends?
The Present is Now and, in fact, as soon as “it is,” it becomes “it was,” so much that one feels it did not exist, as a continuum. Not only daily life needs lead the mind’s pathways and actions; the... Read more
IEEE PULSE, Retrospectroscope September/October 2016
Lamarck, Darwin, Wallace, and Ameghino
… Der wahre Wert eines Menschen ist in erster Linie dadurch bestimmt, in welchem Grad und in welchem Sinn er zur Befreiung vom Ich gelangt ist. [The true value of a human being is first determined by the degree and meaning... Read more