James K. Mills

James K. Mills is with the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

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Achieving Automated Organelle Biopsy on Small Single Cells Using a Cell Surgery Robotic System
       Studies on bulk tissues only provide a statistical average of several actions taken place in different cells. Single cell investigation may disclose further important and in-depth information. Single cell surgery such as manipulation or removal of subcellular components or/and organelles... Read more
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An Automated Method for Multi-DOF Cell Rotational Control Contributing to Orientation-based Cell Surgery Applications
Orientation control of biological cells has gained much attention recently due to the fact that cell rotation is both a basic and vital cell micromanipulation technique involved in many orientation-based cell surgery applications. These applications include cell injection, preimplantation genetic... Read more
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Automated Embryo Manipulation and Rotation via Robotic nDEP-tweezers
Embryo manipulation is a fundamental task in assisted reproductive technology (ART). This work presents a robotic negative Dielectrophoresis (nDEP)-tweezers that can enable embryo translation and orientation easily. An inverted microchip with quadrupole electrodes is attached to a micromanipulator to become a robotic DEP tweezers, and a motorized platform provides additional mobility to the embryos lying on a Petri dish. Vision-based algorithms are developed to evaluate relevant information of the embryos from the image, and to provide feedback signals for precise position and orientation control of the embryo. This system offers a non-contact, low-cost, flexible, and effective method for high-precision embryo manipulation... Read more