Jacob Bergsland

Intervention Center, Oslo University Hospital, NO-0027 Oslo, Norway, and BH Heart Center, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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RF Channel Modeling for Implant-to-Implant Communication and Implant to Sub-Cutaneous Implant Communication for Future Leadless Cardiac Pacemakers
The increase in functional sophistication and complexity of implantable medical devices has resulted in the need for facilitating communication between one implanted device and another and/or external devices such as monitoring device and programming console. But, propagation of radio-frequency (RF)... Read more
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Continuous estimation of acute changes in preload using epicardially attached accelerometers
Changes in left ventricular preload can be measured by an accelerometer attached to the epicardium by assessing the changes in the first heart sound frequency. As end-diastolic volume and myocardial stiffness increases, the frequency of the myocardial vibrations associated with the first heart sound also increases and vice versa. We tested this hypothesis in an animal model with changing volume status and found that these novel accelerometer-based measurements were comparable to the current clinical standard methods, both to estimate preload and in identifying fluid responsiveness, i.e. a positive response to fluid administration... Read more
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Targeted Drug Delivery for Cardiovascular Disease: Modeling of Modulated Extracellular Vesicle Release Rates
Invasive and medical therapy has led to major improvements in cardiovascular disease management, but important challenges remain open. The discovery of a nano-sized system of extracellular vesicles (EVs) is opening new possibilities for reprogramming malfunctioning cells and indicates that EVs... Read more