Huayong Yang

Huayong Yang received doctor degree of Philosophy from the University of Bath in 1988, and joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Zhejiang University as a Post-doctor researcher in 1989. He is now a Professor and the director of the State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems in Zhejiang University. His research interests are in motion control and energy saving of mechatronic systems, development of fluid power component and system, integration of electro-hydraulic system and engineering application. Yang has 169 invention patents, (co)authored 3 academic books, over 76 Science Citation Index (SCI) papers and 210 Engineering Index (EI) papers published.

Associated articles

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An IoT-Enabled Stroke Rehabilitation System Based On Smart Wearable Armband And Machine Learning
            Part of the Special Issue on Advanced Internet of Things in Personalized Healthcare Systems: Validation, Analysis and Utilization Abstract Surface electromyography signal plays an important role in hand function recovery training. In this paper, an IoT-enabled stroke rehabilitation system was introduced which... Read more
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IoT-enabled Dual-arm Motion Capture and Mapping for Telerobotics in Home Care
With the paradigm shift from hospital-centric healthcare to home-centric healthcare in Healthcare 4.0, healthcare robotics has become one of the fastest growing fields of robotics. The combination of robot capabilities with human intelligence, for example, telerobotics for home care, is... Read more
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Teleoperation of Collaborative Robot for Remote Dementia Care in Home Environments
As a senile chronic, progressive and currently incurable disease, dementia has an enormous impact on society and life quality of the elderly. The development of teleoperation technology has changed the traditional way of care delivery and brought a variety of... Read more