Hongjie Jiang

Shien-Ming Wu School of Intelligent Engineering, South China University of Technology, China

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A Wireless Implantable Passive Intra Abdominal Pressure Sensing Scheme via Ultrasonic Imaging of a Microfluidic Device
This work developed an implantable, low-cost, passive pressure sensor capable of measuring in situ IAP (intra-abdominal pressure) wirelessly using ultrasound imaging. The transducer consists of a pressure sensitive reservoir filled with water and a hydrophobic microchannel, both made of PDMS. A change of IAP will push the water from the reservoir into the channel with the in-channel fluid displacement in response to the applied pressure, which can be quantitatively analyzed by using a 40MHz ultrasound imaging system. The sensor is able to work in the physiological range of abdominal compartment syndrome with a highly linear sensitivity of 1.2kPa/30µm... Read more