Gordon Lightbody

Gordon Lightbody graduated with the MEng degree (distinction) (1989), and then PhD (1993) both in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast. He is currently a senior-lecturer in Control Engineering at University College Cork, Ireland, and a Science Foundation Ireland founding principal investigator in both the Infant (www.infantcentre.ie) and the Marei (www.marei.ie) research centres. His current research interests include artificial intelligence techniques for intelligent control and signal-processing, focusing on energy/power and biomedical applications. He is currently an associate editor with the Elsevier journal, “Control Engineering Practice”.

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Towards a Personalized Real-Time Diagnosis in Neonatal Seizure Detection
      The problem of creating a personalized seizure detection algorithm for newborns is tackled in this paper. A probabilistic framework for semi-supervised adaptation of a generic patient-independent neonatal seizure detector is proposed. A system that is based on a combination of... Read more