Fahimeh Salehpour

Fahimeh Salehpour obtained her B.S. in physics from the University of Isfahan (Isfahan, Iran). She then obtained her first M.S. in Photonics from Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran, Iran), and second M.S. from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a concentration in biophotonics. She is currently employed as an Optical Engineer at Medici Technologies, Inc in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Optical Cryoimaging Reveals a Heterogeneous Distribution of Mitochondrial Redox State in ex vivo Guinea Pig Hearts and its Alteration during Ischemia and Reperfusion
Objective: Oxidation of substrates to generate ATP in mitochondria is mediated by redox reactions of NADH and FADH2. Cardiac ischemia and reperfusion (IR) injury compromises mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. We hypothesize that IR alters the metabolic heterogeneity of mitochondrial redox state... Read more