Christian Haring

Christian Haring is a Doctor of medicine, Psychiatrist, and Psychotherapist, and active in mental health care. He is currently the Medical Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy with the State Hospital in Hall in Tirol, Austria. Besides being a Leading Member of several psychiatric and prevention institutions and committees, he is an Editor and Member of the board of numerous considerable professional journals. Furthermore, he supports ongoing research in psychiatry and has been a part of several international research projects in the recent years.

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Smart-Phone Based Recognition of States and State Changes in Bipolar Disorder Patients
A. Grünerbl, A. Muaremi, V. Osmani, G. Bahle, S. Öhler, G. Tröster, O. Mayora, C. Haring and P. Lukowicz Today’s health care is difficult to imagine without the possibility to objectively measure various physiological parameters related to patients symptoms (from temperature... Read more