Benoit Gosselin

Benoit Gosselin (S’02–M’08) received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees both in electrical engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada, in 2009. He is a mixed-signal layout Designer at PMC Sierra Inc., Montreal, in 2009, and he was an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of ECE, Laval University, Quebec City, QC, where he is heading the Biomedical Microsystems Lab. His research has generated more than 70 articles published in journals and international conferences, five book chapters, and three patent applications, which have been cited more than 600 times per Google Scholar. He organized and chair sessions in several international conferences, and he served on the Technical Committees of the IEEE BIOCAS, the IEEE NEWCAS, the IEEE EMBC, and the IEEE ISCAS. He regularly serves as a Referee for renowned journals and major conferences in the area of circuits and systems and biomedical engineering. He is the Founder and the Chair of the CAS/EMB Chapter and the Vice Chair of the Computer Chapter of the IEEE Quebec Section. He is a Member of the Executive Committee and a Representative Member on the Board of Directors for Université Laval of the Microsystems Strategic Alliance of Québec, which regroups 40 researchers and more than 200 students involved in microsystems research. His research interests include VLSI circuits for bioinstrumentation, wireless biosensing, implantable electronics, brain–computer interfaces and low-power analog/mixed-mode integrated circuits design.

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Flexible Sixteen Antenna Array for Microwave Breast Cancer Detection
H. Bahramiabarghouei, E. Porter, A. Santorelli, B. Gosselin, M. Popović, and L. A. Rusch, Laval University & McGill University, Volume 62, Issue 10, Page 2516-2525 Radar based microwave imaging (MWI) has been widely studied for breast cancer detection. The dielectric property differences... Read more