Arnan Mitchell

Arnan Mitchell (M’98) received the Ph.D. degree from RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, in 1999. He is currently the Leader of the Microplatforms Research Group, Platform Technologies Research Institute, RMIT University, and a Chief Investigator with the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems. He works closely with a large team of early career researchers working toward research in a broad range of fields including integrated optics, lab-on-a-chip platforms, microwave photonics, radio frequency microplatforms, functional materials, and microsystems. He is a Member of the IEEE.

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Nonlinear Dynamic Modelling of Platelet Aggregation via Microfluidic Devices
Miguel E. Combariza, Xinghuo Yu, Warwick S. Nesbitt, Arnan Mitchell, and Francisco J. Tovar-Lopez, RMIT University, Australia, Volume 62, Issue 7, Page: 1718-1727 The development of blood clots at sites of atherosclerotic plaque rupture -arterial thrombosis- remains a major cause of patient death... Read more