Annette Fitzpatrick

ANNETTE FITZPATRICK is currently a Research Professor of Family Medicine, Epidemiology, and Global Health with the University of Washington. She is currently an Assistant Dean for Graduate Education with the School of Public Health. She has been involved in large epidemiological studies of cardiovascular disease and dementia in the USA and is now directing her focus to implementation studies in low-resource countries to address the global burden of non-communicable diseases. She is interested in primary care interventions that can directly impact hypertension, diabetes, and cognitive decline in community-based settings.

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More Than Just Accuracy: A Novel Method to Incorporate Multiple Test Attributes in Evaluating Diagnostic Tests Including Point of Care Tests
Current frameworks for evaluating diagnostic tests are constrained by a focus on diagnostic accuracy, and assume that all aspects of the testing process and test attributes are discrete and equally important. Determining the balance between the benefits and harms associated... Read more