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  • Jobs: Search the IEEE Job Site for positions matching your personal profile, post resumes and take an online test to determine your eligibility.
  • Travel: Make air, rail, rental car and hotel reservations with IEEE Travel Services and receive special discounts.
  • Insurance: Apply for group, healthcare and automobile insurance; financial, business and home services; as well as additional travel discounts through IEEE Financial Advantage.
  • Email: Get a free IEEE email alias and use your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the IEEE Personal Email Alias with Virus Scanning Service. If you change ISPs, simply update your email address online. No need to change your stationery or notify friends and family. And your email is scanned with anti-virus software, updated daily.
  • Publications: Access IEEE Spectrum free, as well as any IEEE abstract/citation record in IEEE Xplore®.
  • Consultants: Locate a technical consultant for your project in the IEEE-USA Consultants Database. There is no charge to search or post assignments.
  • Conferences: Find an IEEE sponsored or co-sponsored conference with the Conference Database Search. Many IEEE conferences offer online registration.
  • Documents: Get IEEE journal and transaction papers, magazine articles, and conference papers and documents from thousands of publishers, via email or fax, through the Ask*IEEE document delivery service.
  • History: Search the IEEE History Center library and archives for information on electrical and computer engineering and their roles in modern society.

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