July/August 2020

New, At-Home Antibody Test For Detecting, Tracking COVID-19

Author(s)3: Leslie Mertz
New, At-Home Antibody Test For Detecting, Tracking COVID-19 1254 836 IEEE Pulse

The test will be part of a large U.S. study to understand prevalence, post-infection immunity and potential lingering health impacts. An at-home test for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) could be…

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Managing Weight With Technology

Author(s)3: Leslie Mertz
Managing Weight With Technology 1836 1632 IEEE Pulse
More than 30% of the world’s population is overweight or obese. That is double the percentage in 1980, and it is getting worse [1]. That excess weight has been linked to numerous health conditions, notably type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes, the prevalence of which has also nearly doubled since 1980 [2]. Eating less and exercising more is good advice, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Other options such as gastric bypass surgeries and systemic weight-loss drugs are also not suitable for everyone, and can carry risks of their own. read more

AI-Driven COVID-19 Tools to Interpret, Quantify Lung Images

Author(s)3: Leslie Mertz
AI-Driven COVID-19 Tools to Interpret, Quantify Lung Images 2560 1440 IEEE Pulse
Qualitative interpretation is a good thing when it comes to reading lung images in the fight against coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19), but quantitative analysis makes radiology reporting much more comprehensive. To that end, several research groups have begun looking to artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for reading and analyzing X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans, and helping to diagnose and monitor COVID-19. read more

Tracking COVID-19: There’s an App for That

Author(s)3: Jennifer Berglund
Tracking COVID-19: There’s an App for That 2121 1414 IEEE Pulse
In march 2020, before COVID-19 laid claim to the United States, Vice President Mike Pence briefed the press about the coronavirus outbreak, which at the time was a threat to passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship moored off the coast of California [1]. At the time, cases had spiked in Iran, Italy, and Spain, but the disease was still an abstraction to most Americans. read more

The Future of Wound Care

Author(s)3: Mary Bates
The Future of Wound Care 2560 1680 IEEE Pulse
Wounds, especially chronic wounds, represent a significant clinical, social, and economic challenge. A recent retrospective analysis of Medicare beneficiaries in the United States identified that about 8.2 million people had at least one type of wound, with surgical wounds and diabetic ulcers among the most common and expensive to treat. read more

Healing Gets a Helping Hand

Author(s)3: Jim Banks
Healing Gets a Helping Hand 2322 1290 IEEE Pulse
The human body is miraculous in its capacity to heal but it can always use a little help. Wound care traditionally consists of little more than a protective barrier, possibly with an antibacterial agent, to cover the damage while the body works its magic. Now, a new technology has opened up a more active approach to encouraging healing. read more

COVID-19 Is Straining Mental Health—Could Technology Be the Answer?

Author(s)3: Summer Allen
COVID-19 Is Straining Mental Health—Could Technology Be the Answer? 2127 1409 IEEE Pulse
One of the most pernicious side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is a steep rise in stress and mental health problems. According to a poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half of American adults say that worry and stress about the pandemic is hurting their mental health. There are plenty of factors feeding into this phenomenon. read more

Collateral Learning

Author(s)3: Art Johnson
Collateral Learning 150 150 IEEE Pulse
Students take engineering courses to learn techniques for solving problems. Thus, most engineering courses taken by undergraduate students are highly technical in nature. But, there are many additional techniques and skills that can be learned along the way. read more

Vaccines and Homeopath

Author(s)3: Max Valentinuzzi
Vaccines and Homeopath 150 150 IEEE Pulse
There are some similarities between the concepts of vaccination and that giving support to homeopathy. The objective of the present article explores the historical background of both trying to better understand such similarities, if any at all. read more