International Workshop on the IoT for Healthcare

International Workshop on the IoT for Healthcare 150 150 Wearable Biomedical Sensors & Systems (WBSS)

The annual IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing conference is a major forum for the discussion of innovations and recent advances related to smart computing. The International Workshop on the IoT for Healthcare 2016 is a workshop, co-located with SMARTCOMP’16, that focus on the design, implementation, deployment, evaluation of distributed system platforms, algorithms for enhanced privacy and security, and architectures for Internet-of-Things for Healhcare. Highlights of the workshop will include experts from Academia and Industry to present their views on IoT and its healthcare application. The panelists will be a diverse group of individuals.

The International Workshop on the IoT for Healthcare 2016 seeks papers on a diversity of topics, namely those identifying new research directions. The proceedings of the IoT for Healthcare 2016 will be published together with the proceedings of SMARTCOMP 2016 by IEEE and made available through IEEExplore. The topics of the workshop include, but not limited to:

Architectures and Applications of IoT-Healthcare

  • Internet of things for medical and healthcare applications
  • Mobile-to-cloud computing (MCC) for healthcare
  • Fog computing/Edge clouds for healthcare
  • Cloud-enabled body sensor networks
  • Sports and wellness monitoring through smart devices
  • Person-centered health monitoring in diverse environments (hospitals and homes)
  • Interoperability and standardization issues in Internet of things enabled healthcare systems
  • Case studies of Internet of things enabled healthcare systems (telemedicine applications, wellness, etc.)

Privacy and Security Solutions for IoT Healthcare

  • Big data analytics for IoT enabled healthcare systems
  • Failure diagnosis for Healthcare IoT
  • Cloud-computing based algorithms for healthcare data analysis
  • Privacy preserving approaches for large scale analytics
  • Secure middleware systems for Internet of things

Original research papers of three types are sought on the above topics:

  • Research Papers
  • Experimentation and Deployment Papers
  • Big-Ideas Papers

Workshop co-Chairs

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