Author Names in Native Languages

IEEE supports the publication of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) author names in the native language alongside the English versions of the names in the author list of an article. Chinese authors may use either Simplified or Traditional characters. Authors must provide the native language name in unicode characters to be displayed in the byline of the article, in parentheses, after the English version of the name. The manuscript can be prepared using the “Insert Symbols” list in Microsoft Word or the CJK Ascii Unicode for LaTeX. It is essential that you carefully check any article proofs you receive prior to the publication of your paper to verify the correct rendering of the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean names.


The following font styles will be used when rendering Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters in the final publication:
Simplified Chinese: SongMT
Traditional Chinese: SungMT
Japanese: MS Mincho
Korean: Batang

Preparing a Manuscript for Submission

Microsoft Word

Submitting a CJK name in your MSWord manuscript is straightforward using the “Insert Symbols” feature. Simply add the characters in parentheses after the name of each author who would like to have their name shown in their native language. To avoid potential problems, please use the standard CJK Microsoft fonts for the characters.

LaTeX Submissions

If LaTeX is used to prepare your manuscript, IEEE requires that you provide CJK Ascii Unicode for Chinese (traditional or simplified), Japanese, or Korean.
For submissions in both MSWord and LaTex, please ensure that:

  1. The manuscript’s MSWord document or LaTeX file contains the proper characters.
  2. The cover letter states that the manuscript contains author names in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to carefully check the rendering of the native language name in your article during article proof review (prior to final publication).