EMBS Standards Working Groups Collaboration and Best Practices

This is the resource page for the EMBS Standards Working Groups Collaboration and Best Practices Subcommittee.

The subcommittee helps to manage and promote collaboration among the EMBS Standards Committee working groups with common interests and cross-cutting topics, and to facilitate sharing of best practices.


  • Share experiences and highlight and recommend best practices
  • Provide feedback on progress made in each WG
  • Identify common obstacles facing progress of WGs
  • Provide support to WGs when needed
  • Promote awareness and increase participation in working groups


IEEE P1752: Standard for Mobile Health Data
Simona Carini, Working Group Secretary-IEEE P1752, November 17, 2021

IEEE Engineering in Medicine Standards Working Group (EMB STDS WG) Collaboration and Best Practices: Experiences Chairing IEEE P2795
Cj Rieser, Working Group Chair-IEEE P2795, September 30, 2021

IEEE 1708-2014 – IEEE Standard for Wearable Cuff-less Blood Pressure Measuring Devices
Dr. Yuan-Ting Zhang, Chair, IEEE P1708 Working Group, August 12, 2021

Standards Development Process
Carole Carey, EMB Standards Committee Chair & Tom Thompson, Program Manager IEEE Standards Association, May 3, 2021