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Participation in Working Groups

A participant is an Individual or an Entity involved in the standards development process. All IEEE standards development meetings are open to anyone who has material interest and wishes to attend even after the initial (“kick-off”) meeting . The Working Group Policies and Procedures (P&P) for Standards Development outline the orderly transaction of business by the Working Group.

Participation in Working groups:

If you wish to participate in any of the Working Groups, please visit the respective working group website listed below and contact the working group officers:

Standards Working Group Name
IEEE P1708Wearable Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitors
IEEE P1752Open Mobile Health
IEEE P1847Location Services
IEEE P2418.6Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in Health
IEEE P2621.1Healthcare Device Security Assurance
IEEE P2621.2Healthcare Device Security Assurance
IEEE P2621.3Healthcare Device Security Assurance
IEEE P2650Pre-Screening Audiometry Systems
IEEE P2673Intelligence Augmentation for Medical Imaging
IEEE P2725.1Microwave Imager Safety – Standard for Microwave Structural, Vascular or Functional Medical Imaging Device Safety
IEEE P2727Medical devices with measuring functions
IEEE P2727.1Medical devices with measuring functions 2727.1
IEEE P2730Medical Robots
IEEE P2731Unified Terminology for BCI
IEEE P2792Neuro-stimulation
IEEE P2794Reporting Standards for InVivo Neural Interface Research
IEEE P2795Sharing Health Analytics in Remote Environments
IEEE P2801Artificial Intelligence Medical Devices
IEEE P2802Artificial Intelligence Medical Devices
IEEE P2864Three-Dimensional (3D) Bioprinting of Tissue-Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs)
IEEE P2933Clinical IoT Data and Device Interoperability with TIPPSS
IEEE P2968.1Decentralized Clinical Trials Patient Safety
IEEE P2968.2Decentralized Clinical Trials Patient Safety
IEEE P3333.2.23D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.33D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.43D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.53D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.5.13D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.5.23D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.5.33D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.5.43D Based Medical Application
IEEE P3333.2.5.53D Based Medical Application